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More self-marketing for German athletes

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More self-marketing for German athletes

At the Summer Olympics in Paris, the German participants will be able to provide insights into previously protected areas and share their impressions and experiences with the whole world. They will be allowed to record short videos of the Olympic venues and the opening and closing ceremonies and distribute them on social networks.

This will make it possible for athletes to market themselves to a greater extent than before, the Federal Cartel Office announced on Wednesday. The authority had previously examined the advertising rules applicable to the Summer Games.

Athletes “could not benefit directly from the IOC’s very high advertising revenue through official Olympic sponsors,” explained Cartel Office President Andreas Mundt: “This makes self-marketing through advertising opportunities all the more important.”

Published/Updated: Recommendations: 8 Christoph Becker Published/Updated: Recommendations: 11 Published/Updated: Recommendations: 5

Content distributed by members of Team Germany must comply with the guidelines, which were developed in accordance with a procedure by the Federal Cartel Office in 2019 and which are recognized by the German Olympic Sports Confederation and the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

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