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Moscow and the Treviso mermaid: “It’s the opportunity of a lifetime and I meet my friend Masoch”

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Moscow and the Treviso mermaid: “It’s the opportunity of a lifetime and I meet my friend Masoch”
Stefano Mosca with the Treviso shirt

The former Belluno, out of the Dolomites project, passed in Excellence. “Several had contacted me, but there is a particular charm there”


Treviso because it was the best now. Treviso because the friend of a lifetime Yari Masoch plays with it, with whom there is not only the belonging to the Agordino territory. Treviso because a club that has also known Serie A, cannot remain in the anonymity of Excellence. Stefano Mosca has received several calls in the past weeks. Nothing strange: everyone already wanted it at the time of Belluno, let alone when the Dolomiti Bellunesi made official the decision not to confirm it. However, the Biancoceleste proposal had something more, and not only economic or similar aspects have to do with it. They certainly have their weight, but they are not necessarily everything.

The Omobono Tenni stadium, a curve ready to cheer and make you feel like a real player, the aforementioned friend with whom to share a hopefully special season, the ambitions of winning the championship, the afternoon training sessions that make it possible to travel to and from for Agordo four times a week plus the game. Moscow just didn’t want to miss out on such an opportunity. It was impossible to give up. “For real. Treviso is the chance that happens once in a lifetime. Above all, we are talking about a team whose stages should be other than Excellence. I found what I was looking for: importance of the square, ambition, desire for victory. There was a desire in me to do something different and stimulating. That’s why I accepted. Then of course, sharing all this with Masoch was a further boost ».

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In any case, you did have proposals, as far as we know. «Yes, several realities contacted me. And this is undoubtedly pleased, I admit. Treviso, however, has exercised a different charm, especially as it is combined with the iron will to aim to win the championship. I could have made choices requiring less effort. But I feel I can still give something at certain levels. So, here I am. However, I wanted to thank and warn anyone who had made themselves heard, so as to communicate the decision in person ».

Of course, it will not be easy to combine family, work and football at a good level. “Without a doubt, the priority was being able to spend as much time as possible with my loved ones. Despite being an Excellence, we will train four times a week in the afternoon and this will allow me to go home at an acceptable time ». If we are commenting on the transfer, however, it is because the Dolomiti Bellunesi has chosen not to confirm you. That’s the news, since you wore the Belluno shirt since 2009 …

“Look, the management was clear with me. When we met, I was told that it would be difficult to place myself in the new squad. Sorry of course, but because I greet a place where I left a piece of my heart. I do not dispute the decision of the Dolomites, absolutely legitimate and even less I bear a grudge. Certainly the Belluno first and then the Belluno Dolomites represented a second family and the relationships built over time remain indeed. However, we know che in football goes like this. I don’t have any regrets: on and off the pitch I think I’ve always given my best. Maybe wrong, because if I wasn’t wrong I would probably play in Serie A. But giving everything I could every time. Now a new personal adventure begins and I can’t wait to get back on the pitch ».

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