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MotoGp, the legacy of Fausto Gresini

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A blow-up of Fausto Gresini, victorious at the time of the Garelli 125, heads into the Losail paddock at the entrance to the garage of his former team. Gresini Racing, a structure in which more than 60 people work, which runs in all classes of the world championship: it is the precious legacy of a man who first achieved success as a driver and then as a manager. Fausto is gone, the Covid he fought against two months before giving up took him away, but his team still bears his name on the racing fields and will continue to do so. “After Fausto’s disappearance, we asked ourselves some questions and his family decided to follow up on this dream.” Talking is Carlo Merlini, Fausto’s right-hand man for years and now at the helm of the team, but he will not be alone. Luca and Lorenzo are ready to follow in their father’s footsteps, the first has a past as a driver in the Italian championship and will already be present this year in the GPs, the second will be involved in the administrative area. «It is important to have some Gresini in the team» Merlini underlines.

2021 started without the founder and his absence is felt. “I’d be lying to argue otherwise. There is the emotional void for the friend who is no longer there and then the professional one within the team ». Because Fausto acted first of all out of passion, he launched into Moto2 in 2010 when he was just born, he did the same with Moto3 and MotoE (the electric formula in which he won the title two years ago) and then there is the Italian championship for discover and develop young talents. «In other companies, business plans and cost forecasts are made. Not with us: Fausto used to say ‘what a beautiful project’ and off we go – Merlini remembers with a smile -. But he had learned to be a good entrepreneur and left us a solid company ».

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In Moto3 this year Gresini Racing with Rodrigo and Alcoba, in Moto2 there are the two Italians Bulega and Di Giannantonio, and then there is MotoGp, with Aprilia. The Noale manufacturer had leaned on Fausto’s structure to return to the world championship, next year it will come off, but the collaboration could continue. «We are evaluating some options and Aprilia is one of them. In 2021 we will start writing a new book »confirms Merlini. The pages are still blank, ready to be filled with many new hits. “If we have a structure like this it is all thanks to Fausto’s passion”. His legacy is in good hands.

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