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Mottarone cable car, “Little Eitan kidnapped by his grandfather” – breaking latest news

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Rome, 11 September 2021 – Eitan Biran, the 6-year-old Israeli boy sole survivor to the disaster of Mottarone cableway, which took place last May 23, would have been kidnapped by his grandfather, Shmuel Peleg, the Israeli broadcaster N12 first gave the news, then they arrived the confirmations of the aunt, legal guardian of the child, and of the Israeli embassy: “He is in Israel”.

The small Eitan in the cabin: the last photo before the tragedy


The little one in the accident lost both parents, his little brother and great-grandparents who had come to visit him in Italy. Unfortunately, after the tragedy, Eitan ended up, in spite of himself, at the center of a battle for legal custody. The child, after a long hospital stay Queen Margherita of Turin, was recovering followed by psychologists. Having lost his parents, and living in Italy, he had been entrusted to paternal aunt Aya Biran, 41-year-old doctor who lives in Travacò (Pavia) with her husband Or Nirko and two daughters who attend the same school as Eitan, the Canossian Institute.

My he maternal branch of the family, living in Israel, three months after the Mottarone accident, he filed a petition for custody of the child. A friend of the aunt told N12: “This morning the grandfather came to see Eitan, an agreed visit and organized in advance. Grandpa was supposed to bring Eitan back to Aya around 6:30 pm, which did not happen. And now the grandfather has broken off contact with Aya. “The aunt has already introduced a complaint to the Italian police.

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Further confirmation, that the little one is no longer in Italy, it has also arrived from the Israeli embassy, said the lawyer Armando Simbari, who with the lawyers Cristina Pagni and Massimo Sana assists the Italian guardian of the child. “Yes, there would be confirmation from the Israeli embassy” that Eitan is in Israel. The lawyer, however, recalled that after the legal action started in August by the maternal relatives, the Italian authorities “had inhibited any movement in the Schegen area “. The transfer took place” against the will of the child’s legal guardian and in violation of the provisions of the Italian authorities “, the lawyer Simbari explained to the ANSA agency.” Evidently the systems were evaded alerts already introduced by the Italian authorities in August “.

The grandfather did not bring Eitan back at the agreed time today, so the paternal aunt would repeatedly try to contact the man. Eventually he received a message from him in which it was informed that “Eitan has returned home” to Israel. Aya Biran-Nirko also received confirmation from grandfather’s lawyer in which she was informed that the baby had arrived in Israel.

TV broadcaster Kan reports that the trip from Italy to Israel was possible because Peleg was in possession of the child’s Israeli passport, even if an Italian judge had expressed a negative opinion. Already in August the maternal aunt, Gali Peri, had denounced in the Israeli media that Eitan had been “stolen from a family who did not know him, who had not previously been close to him in any way”, adding that the “little one was in hostage in Italy “.

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Milo Hasbani, president of the Jewish community of Milan: “I have had confirmation that the child arrived in Israel “. Hasbani is in contact with the child’s paternal relatives: “They were thrilled, at the moment I have no other news “.

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