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Mountain biking. Savi and Agricola in triumph at the “Serenissima”

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Mountain biking.  Savi and Agricola in triumph at the “Serenissima”

Marco Agricola and Ivo Savi take home the Serenissima 2022 Trophy. Another great satisfaction that obtained yesterday in the Ferrara area, on the occasion of the Mesola Cross Country, a race that brought the curtain down on the “Serenissima Trophy – The story continues”, the mountain bike circuit that has collected the legacy of the Autumn Trophy.

Savi (Bettini bike team) won the final ranking in the Master 8 category while Agricola (Four Es) was the best in the Master 8 category. The final general also awarded two girls from the province: it is Astrid Miola (Torpado Ursus) who won third place in the Open category (preceded by Arianna Tavella and Erica Campagna), and Alessia Rossa (Pedale Feltrino), third place in the Juniores category (preceded by Chiara Giusti and Gloria Carretta). Fifth place for Irene Losso (Bettini bike team) in the final Allieve ranking.

The satisfactions were very good for the provincial movement also in the last race. The Mesola Cross Country, disputed on a track created at the Castello di Mesola, in fact saw a victory, a second and a third place. The victory was signed by Astrid Miola: the girl from Agordina imposed herself with a minute and a half advantage over Arianna Tavella (Ottavio Zuliani). Second place instead among the Master 4 for Marco Agricola who had to surrender to the inspiration of Ivo Rampado (New Molini Dolo). On the lowest step of the podium was Ivo Savi, preceded by Fabrizio Stefani (Scavezzon Squadra Corse) and Flavio Pizzeghello (Quality Fondriest Casali). Fifth place instead in the Juniores test for Alessia Rossa and for Irene Losso among the students.

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With yesterday’s race, the 2022 season also comes to an end for mountain biking. For the provincial movement, the date to be marked on the agenda is Saturday 26 November, when in Cesiomaggiore there will be the Cycling Festival during which the champions will be awarded provincial and the athletes who illustrated themselves in the different areas of the two wheels.I.T.

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