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Mourinho after Roma-Ludogorets: “Now the squadrons are coming”

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Mourinho after Roma-Ludogorets: “Now the squadrons are coming”

The coach: “We really wanted to pass, even if maybe we won’t be celebrating like last year. Zaniolo’s entry helped us a lot.”

Mourinho appears calm after the race, almost as if he hadn’t suffered. Instead .. “It was a difficult game – he attacks Sky’s microphones – they know how to play, they have creative, fast players who can do what they did on the first goal. In the second half we risked everything obviously everything, we entered with different attitude and intensity. Zaniolo has character and his entry helped us a lot. It is different to face two strikers like Belotti and Abraham or two like Nicolò and Tammy. Then came the goal. make a difference, But we have to play and manage the matches better. Now in the play-offs we find teams of a higher level, Champions League teams. It was important to pass, a source of pride, a step forward in our evolution, even if now the squads are coming .. . “.


Then Mou launches into a defense of Vina: “As an attitude they have all been unassailable. I am a little sorry for VIna, the treatment that is reserved to him is unfair, the Olimpico audience must respect him more, instead there is always a noise. The stadium does not help him, outside he is a different player, but his attitude is always exemplary. Volpato? He has great creativity, the next step is to learn to play when we have to defend, he has not yet learned the word ‘doubling’ it is not in his vocabulary …. He is an anarchist player but he brings anarchy even among the opponents. I am pleased to let the young players play, but they have the quality, we do not do it only for the statistics and to say that we field young people, that is not the goal.. If I think back to Casemiro and Varane, which I threw, and then they won everything, it is something that makes me smile, now that I have white hair. “

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The closing is on Sunday’s derby: “Going in conference with Fiorentina, Lazio, Villarreal, West Ham, was not the goal. Maybe now with the big names we will not be in the conditions to celebrate like last year but they wanted to qualify. . After the knockout against Napoli we won 3 in a row, we are tired but the most important match is always the next one, I couldn’t think of the derby. If there is joy and satisfaction, you will recover from tiredness more quickly. “

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