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Mourinho, dinner on a step after the victory in Cagliari

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The Roma coach publishes a post on Instagram where he explains that he cannot go to the locker room (because he is disqualified) and praises himself: “Another kid launched”, tagging Felix

“Game over. Three points. Good food (I can’t go to the locker room) and another kid launched, Felix “, tagging the young man of 2003 deployed: this is how Josè Mourinho at the end of Rome-Cagliari in a post on Instagram where he was portrayed while he bites into something sitting on one step, with the inevitable Coca-Cola next to it.


It is not the first time that the technician has chosen to be photographed while eating: it happened on the return train from Salerno after the match against Salernitana. On that occasion the dinner was represented by a beautiful Neapolitan pizza margherita.


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