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Muravera’s blow on the Aprilia field

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Serie D. Two penalties converted by Mereu and Demontis and Floris knock out the Lazio team



APRILIA: Zappalà, Rosania, Succi, Pollace (14’st Milani), Falasca (40’st Ceka), Bernardini, Cruz, Njambe, Mbaye (17’st De Crescenzo), Corelli, Vasco. Available: Salvati, Pezone, Santarelli, Bianchi, Proia, Talamonti. Coach: Galluzzo.

MURAVERA: Floris G., Loi, Vignati (25’pt Mileto), Moi, Satta, Arvia, Demontis (50’st Cadau), Del Gaudio (32’st Bregasi), Floris M. (41’st Nurchi), Mereu (32 ‘st Piroddi), Derbali. A disp. Olive, Mancosu, Grella, Moran. Coach: Loi.

REFEREE: Allegretta of Molfetta.

NETWORKS 27 ‘pt Vasco (penalty), 44’ Mereu, 12 ‘st Floris M. (penalty), 19’ Vasco, 37 ‘Demontis (penalty).

NOTE: Vasco, Milani, Corelli, Satta, Arvia were warned.


In the recovery of series D the Muravera wins Aprilia. The Gialloblù find Satta from the first minute, absent from the playing fields for almost a year. The beginning is not the easiest: the pontini start strong and after a few minutes they are already dangerous with Njambe. The Cameroonian striker himself comes close to scoring in the 13th minute with a header that is printed on the crossbar. The Muravera takes a few minutes to settle down, but just when it seems to have found a balance, two episodes upset the race. At 25 ‘mister Loi loses Vignati due to injury. A few minutes later the advantage of Aprilia arrives, on a penalty kick converted by Vasco.

The Sarrabus team at first gets nervous, then manages to react: At 44 ‘Mereu’s equalizer arrives: the action is well orchestrated, from Satta to Del Gaudio, the ball reaches the Sardinian number 14 who discards the direct scorer and bags.

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The race is pleasant, and the recovery confirms the conditions of the first fraction. Muravera interprets the match well and at 12 ‘even gets the overtaking goal. Loi earns a penalty that Mattia Floris coldly transforms. The reaction of the owners in the 19th minute. Vasco on the occasion is confirmed in a day of grace, and with a volley he beats Floris for the second time. At 37 ‘comes the new, definitive Sardinian advantage, again from eleven meters. The referee punishes a foul and grants the third penalty of the day: this time Demontis goes from the spot and makes no mistake.

The final sees Aprilia pour into the guest half: but the Sarrabus defense holds up, and Muravera brings home a very important success.

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