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“My son asks me when I will stop. The illness? I thought I was dying»- breaking latest news

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“My son asks me when I will stop.  The illness?  I thought I was dying»- breaking latest news

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The goalkeeper of Juventus and Poland full court in an interview with Canal Plus: «Allegri? We are friends, he gives me advice. My son Liam wants to spend time with me, and I want to finish at a high level.”

Wojciech Szczesny turned 33 in April and is still a pillar of his country’s national team, even if he confesses that he thinks about slowing down a bit: «I’ll stop when I feel I can’t give 100% on the pitch, so I want to finish at a high level “, has explained. In any case, a step back is certainly not immediate, even if an unexpected protagonist could bring that moment closer. It is Liam, aged 5, the child who cried in despair in December, when Poland was eliminated from the World Cup by France (3-1), and whose father taught “that you can lose with honor”.

“One day, while I was talking with my family about when I will finish my career, he heard us and asked me if I will spend more time with him after I stop – he told the microphones of Canal Plus Polonia -. I answered yes, and he asked me if I can retire now: I was very excited». In any case, it won’t be an immediate action given that the goalkeeper is aiming for the European Championships in Germany, if they arrive, and he has a contract with Juventus until 2025.

Szczesny also returned to the illness he suffered in April, when he left the field in tears in the Europa League match between the black and whites and Sporting Lisbon (but he appeared on TV shortly after to reassure everyone, and then on social media). “He was scary – he reiterated -. I really thought I was going to die. After a pass to a defender I felt like my heart was about to explode… During a corner kick I told Milik I was sick but the Sporting players were already batting. We still don’t know what was the reason for that discomfort, but it was probably back or spinal problems ».

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Just over a month ago Juventus was eliminated from the tournament in the semi-final against Sevilla. And at the end of overtime, the disappointed goalkeeper had spoken of useless saves, of the suffering caused by the off-field events with the penalty, but also expressed a veiled criticism of the team: “To achieve success, you need to be well organised, you need order”. A factor that had unleashed the anger of coach Max Allegri: «Not knowing Italian very well, perhaps (Szczesny) misused the terms». But the goalkeeper is keen to reiterate: «We have a good relationship. We are very close friends: I respect him because he is capable of telling me things that no one else would do, and then we have also been neighbors since I moved to Turin ».

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