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Naples, Mertens: “I thought I was staying, strange not to have heard anyone”

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Naples, Mertens: “I thought I was staying, strange not to have heard anyone”

The Belgian speaks on the eve of the match against Poland in the Nations League: “I just want to make a good choice. I hope to have news in the next few days”

Words that know goodbye, which confirm that leaving Naples is much more than a possibility. Dries Mertens’ experience in blue seems ready to end, after nine seasons in which the Belgian has become the best scorer in the history of the club with 148 goals in 397 appearances. Speaking at the press conference to present the Nations League match with Poland, the attacker expressed himself as follows on the negotiations for the renewal, which have been stalled for some time: “I just want to make a good choice. I want to find a strong team. serene, but I think a lot about my future. I was thinking of staying at Napoli, I haven’t heard from anyone yet and it’s strange that they waited so long. I will certainly think more about it from the day after tomorrow, I hope to have news in the next few days. it helps to see things from a different perspective and I am happier than ever, having a child is much more beautiful than I expected. ”


However, it is difficult for any transfer to be made official by the end of the month: in fact, until June 30, Napoli always has the opportunity to exercise the automatic renewal option. Hypothesis that De Laurentiis has never taken into consideration, however, given that it would confirm a 4 million euro engagement incompatible with the cost reduction policies implemented by the company. Considering the difference between the request (2.6 million plus 1.4 signing bonus) and the proposal for a new agreement, several teams are following the situation closely. In particular Lazio, where Mertens would meet Maurizio Sarri, and Roma, who are tempted by his qualities despite being 35 last month. The claims seem to have dropped to around a total of 3.5 million, but in any case the chances of a stay at Napoli decrease day by day.

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Speech that certainly does not apply to the national team. “Leaving is out of the question. As long as I am summoned, I will continue to be available. It’s nice to be here, Martinez ensures a high level of professionalism and I really don’t think about such a thing, although I am aware that the day will come when I will not be called. Poland? Let’s forget the 6-1 of the first leg, I’m happy to see a former teammate like Milik again ”concluded Mertens.

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