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Naples transfer market: Koulibaly between renewal and Catalan temptations

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Naples transfer market: Koulibaly between renewal and Catalan temptations

Over 4 million net offered for the renewal, but the Senegalese defender wants to understand if Barcelona is willing to make an effort to decide whether to undertake a new bet in Spain to win some titles

Hug yourself at Koulibaly. Ideally, we imagine the Napoli fans one by one losing the references of a team that hasn’t won much but has been loved. That of 91 points with Maurizio Sarri and also the latter who in the spring had briefly smelled the scudetto. Each team has its idols. It was Lorenzo Insigne, even more Dries Mertens and both are leaving for a company policy that does not look anyone in the face in the program of cuts imposed by the economic crisis. Relationships closed abruptly, which perhaps could have been managed much better in terms of communication. But so it is. Agree that the flags no longer exist, but at the same time football remains passion and the champions on the field what feed it.


And the Senegalese defender embodies the Neapolitan spirit of inclusion and solidarity better than any other. A champion inside and out who has always united people with his testimony. Until a few days ago, in response to a bad article that told him in trouble in the Neapolitan city at its beginnings, Kalidou responded with elegance in an Instagram post: a photo with the Neapolitans at the stadium showing his face, the writing “Naples antiracist city” and in the background “’O scarrafone” by Pino Daniele who sings “Viva viva’ o Senegal”. This is the deep bond between the defender and his people. This is why the fan asks that he too not be sacrificed on the altar of austerity.

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Here then, even in light of the releases and cuts already made, the president could make an exception on Koulibaly. In part, he has already done so by offering over 4 million net for renewal, a figure that he has decided not to allocate to new engagements that will reach a maximum of just over 3 million. But the player’s reflection on the renewal is not linked to exclusively economic situations. Xavi wants him at Barcelona and Koulibaly is waiting to see if the club is really willing to make an effort to see if they take a new bet in Spain to win some titles. But if the Catalans did not press, perhaps the renewal discourse could be resumed. And Koulibaly will remain the captain with the right face in Naples for years. Because even football can still be a fairy tale.

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