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Naples transfer market, via Ruiz and Zielinski? Here are Nandez and Barak

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Naples transfer market, via Ruiz and Zielinski?  Here are Nandez and Barak

Fabian is due to expire in 2023 and if the right offer arrives, it could start. On the Pole that De Laurentiis estimates 40 million there is West Ham. But Spalletti and the club are ready to redesign the midfield …

So far it is the only intact sector in Naples, but the profound change triggered by the company that is opening a new cycle will also end up touching the blue midfield. There are two players most of all who could leave the blue: Fabian Ruiz and Piotr Zielinski.

No renewal

The Spaniard has his contract expiring in 2023 and so far, by the will of both parties, no discussion has been initiated for the renewal. At Napoli they have not received offers for the twenty-six-year-old Andalusian and if things remain like this at the end of the transfer market, the club will propose an extension of the contract to the player, who will hardly sign. That is why, if the right opportunity comes, Fabian’s departure remains probable. A player that Luciano Spalletti highly esteems from a technical-tactical point of view, but the coach has understood that in these market dynamics there is no need to put hope in a single player and after losing Ospina, Koulibaly and Insigne, who were among his favorites , he is thinking above all to shape the team to come, without too many regrets but looking for new solutions. In fact, the momentary abandonment of 4-2-3-1 with a transition to 4-3-3 is a choice that arises from the evaluation of the human capital currently available.

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Zielu’s future

Piotr Zielinski recently declared that he is fine in Naples and has no intention of leaving. At the same time, his agents moved in various directions, especially in Germany, to evaluate possible proposals. Which now appear to be coming from England. West Ham made contact with Napoli to probe the Polish midfielder and now they are discussing with the prosecutors. Aurelio De Laurentiis is one who preserves his shop and values ​​his jewel over 40 million. We will see if this negotiation will enter a more operational phase, however Napoli are already taking precaution by putting themselves in a position to find adequate solutions to the new project.

Nandez and Barak

For this reason the sporting director Cristiano Giuntoli has targeted, among others, the Uruguayan midfielder of Cagliari Nahitan Nandez, 26 years old. He can play the midfielder in 4-2-3-1 and also has “leg” and insertion times to become a midfielder capable of finding space in the goal area. And scoring is the vice of Antonin Barak, Czech, 27 years old who in the last championship in Verona scored 11, starting from a position of attacking midfielder, but acting as a pure midfielder in the passive phase.


Said this way, they seem to be two DJs, in fact Frank Anguissa and Stanislav Lobotka remain the certainties of the Napoli that will be, in the second version of Spalletti. And certainly they are the ones who dictate the pace on the pitch, so in this they know how to choose the right music. The Cameroonian and the Slovakian have completely different characteristics but they integrate to guarantee the blue median. Anguissa’s physicality and technique, with Lobo’s great ability to spin the ball quickly without giving references to the opponents. The pinball machine that knows how to put the Slovakian on is the thing that drives Luciano crazy, always looking for different positions and developments in the maneuver that open spaces in the opponent’s defenses. And in this sense in the 4-3-3 that the coach is trying there is a little less ball possession and a little more verticalization to try to exploit the speed of the trident. And if there are still Fabian and Zielinski, the team can practically play by heart. But if more physical and in any case good technical players like Nandez and Barak arrived, Napoli would change a bit but it could be absurdly even more unpredictable and in any case it would have a higher impact from a physical point of view and given that modern football goes into this. direction…

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