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Napoli, Osimhen the antidote to the goalscoring crisis

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Napoli, Osimhen the antidote to the goalscoring crisis

The goal, dated November 25, 2023, in late autumn is the last one marked by the Naples away from Maradona. Elmas network are assisted by Osimhen. The first left Italy in January. The second, finally, is returning after the Africa Cup of Nations lost in the final. Napoli inevitably he will hold on to his best attacker to try to resume the climb to the Champions League zone. Osimhen and arithmetic are the two lifelines to continue chasing fourth place. As long as you overturn it disconcerting performance away from Maradona. Zero goals scored in the last 5 away games, only one point won. Against Milan 11 shots, only two on target. Napoli unfortunate, but above all inaccurate. The progress from the gaming point of view at the moment has not been enough to make things right. What remains is arithmetic. The next three championship matches, Genoa, Cagliari and Sassuolo, two away, to fuel hope. Hoping that Osimhen will be enough to get Napoli out of their scoring crisis.

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