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Napoli, Spalletti in conference: “Against Leicester we will understand who we are. We will defend at 4”

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The coach will add: “Tomorrow we will defend at 4. Demme and Politano are fine, let’s try to recover Fabian and Insigne for Sunday”. Rrahmani: “The personality counts and we don’t lack”

From our correspondent Maurizio Nicita


Here is a match from inside or outside with Leicester and Luciano Spalletti can’t wait to find himself inside this challenge: “I have to check that the players remain with their backs straight and the desire to react to adversity. For what I see the boys they are fine. We need to keep our heads clear and express our potential even when this shirt begins to weigh more. We need a sense of belonging. For us it is all the matches from inside or outside. To avoid finding each other as well as with Leicester. But if the boys do as well as with Atalanta, they should be given credit beyond the result. For me, however, it was a qualitative leap. These matches make you an x-ray of the soul you have “.


Then Spalletti tells an anecdote: “Someone like Di Lorenzo who was sick the night before Atalanta and then recovered sleep by skipping meals, and the doctors were good at putting him back in place, and then he played an excellent game. . Here these things it is right that you know because not only do I have a good group, but this is made up of people with the attributes always ready. And in any case we have no debts with the company or with anyone. But if you leave the competition it will remain written in the career of each of us. And this then makes us understand how strong we are in absolute terms. The public? If you play on Thursdays at 6.45 pm it is difficult to have more people at the stadium. I now have 14 players available so there are few alternatives that I remain and with Leicester all will have the mental weight of the performance, regardless of whether they will play 60 or 30 minutes. If we are strong we must show what we are made of we will see it from how we behave in the game. or have played a lot. Take for example Elmas, with his national team commitments, he played the most. Absurdly, Mario Rui played less than he did not have the national team. “

The recovered

“Demme and Politano are fine now. Fabian and Insigne try for Sunday but it will be difficult. Manolas is still not at his best, but he is on the bench and if necessary he can enter. We will see, with the problems he has had, when it will be possible to bring him back to play. 90 ‘. Malcuit has an interesting starting point when we have possession. In my opinion he did well in both phases. “

On the game system

The coach explains: “When others have the ball, you have to adapt to the opponents’ characteristics. And attacking Leicester with three is perhaps better to defend with four. Then when we have the ball we are different and we can develop the game in a different way” .


Spalletti has reviewed his Nigerian center forward on the pitch: “We will have the answers on recovery times day after day on how the athlete will respond from the answers to the various solicitations to which we will submit him on the pitch and in the gym. We are confident of having him as soon as possible. , knowing his availability “.

Rrahmani in crede

Alongside the coach at the conference also the Kosovar defender: “We will always give our best to improve the defensive balance. These have started from inside or outside and therefore in these cases personality counts and we do not lack. We feel the responsibility to go through. but we feel the prestige of the jersey we wear in every match we play. “


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