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Napoli unstoppable, it is only in the lead: Udinese stretched 0-4

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Clear victory (0-4) and solitary record with full points: the trip to Napoli for the monday night in Friuli is full of satisfactions. Udine has been a land of conquest for the Neapolitans for years – before tonight the bianconeri had lost 4 of the last 5 home games of the league and in general Napoli have won 10 of the last 11 Serie A matches – but tonight’s success, in the quality of the game and in the dominance shown on the pitch, perhaps has a new and important meaning for Luciano Spalletti’s team.

The script of the match is immediately understood: the guests have possession of the ball (which reaches 75% in the first quarter of an hour) and Udinese who tries to bite only in the restart. To ignite the match is Insigne (13 ‘) who with his now proverbial shot for a spin forces Silvestri to stretch and save at the corner. It is the prelude to the advantage: at 24 ‘Mario Rui surprises the Friulian defense and draws Insigne, with Molina falling asleep. It is the small Neapolitan bomber and the national team who let a brushstroke in a lob slowly directed towards the bottom of the bag. To avoid trouble and Samir’s desperate recovery, however, Osimhen thinks that on the goal line he accompanies the net with a paw. Udinese swerves fearfully and shortly after Fabian Ruiz lets a slap go from the edge that crashes on the post with Silvestri immobile. The doubling is in the air and at 34 ‘Rrahmani signs it: the scheme for a punishment from the trocar is applause. Ruiz feigns the conclusion and instead fishes Koulibaly very solitary in the small area: the defender bypasses Silvestri and serves his teammate the most comfortable of the balls to throw angrily under the crossbar.

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The roles are exchanged at the beginning of the second half: at 6 ‘Politano, on the development of a short corner, finds Fabian Ruiz at the far post; the defense of Udinese looks like the beautiful statuettes of the crib and Koulibaly, served by an assist to the Spaniard’s kiss, lets off a lash that slips into the intersection. Game on ice and overflowing guests who go close to poker first with a free kick from Insigne, who caresses the intersection and, then, with a gore of Anguissa on which Silvestri performs a true miracle. At 22 ‘Osimhen also tries for a personal brace but his razor goes out at the bottom of a whisker. A few moments later a shot by Politano, deflected, ends up on the post and then in a corner. At 5 ‘from the end the poker finally arrives: triangle between Mario Rui and Lozano and the ball sent again in seven, with Silvestri powerless and astonished. Udinese? Not received. With the first, weak, shot on goal in the 90th minute with Pussetto: in three days with Roma it will be understood if it was a setback or if the sprint start is now a distant memory. The Friulian night is instead sweet for Napoli, who discover themselves at the top by themselves: it hadn’t happened since the time of Maurizio Sarri, in the year of the near-scudetto. Except that this time there was a Juve that looked like a battleship. Today the Old Lady looks sadly at the distant peak already ten points and also defeated at Maradona last week.

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