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National football coaches change after December 2

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Original title: After December 2nd, the national football team may change coaches, it may be concluded that Li Xiaopeng has the highest voice to take over

Article source: Morning News

After returning from Sharjah, the UAE, the National Football Team has been conducting quarantine medical observation in Suzhou. During this period, Li Tie’s coaching team led the team to conduct training so that the national football team can maintain a good physical condition and prepare for the Chinese Super League to reignite war on December 12.

The tree wants to be quiet but the wind keeps going. The seemingly peaceful national football team is likely to usher in a coaching change. After the Sino-Australian war, Li Tie’s controversial words and deeds at the post-match press conference, and alleged violations of “posting pictures with goods” on social platforms, harmed the interests of the national football sponsors and caused an uproar. Recently, an article “Li Tie’s Business Rivers and Lakes” and “Football News” broke the news that Li Tie used his international qualifications to replace interests, which pushed Li Tie to the forefront of public opinion. In this case, the call for a coaching change is getting louder and louder.

Regardless of whether the revelations of “Li Tie’s Business Seas and Lakes” and the “Football News” are completely true, Li Tie’s remarks at the press conference and alleged violations of “posting pictures with goods” on social platforms are enough to dismiss him. After all, this has affected the image of the national football team and also harmed the interests of the national football team. Therefore, Li Tie may have entered the countdown to the end of get out of class.

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At present, the Chairman of the Football Association Chen Xuyuan and the Minister of State Administration Department Chen Yongliang are in Suzhou, and they are in isolation with the National Football Association. According to the plan, the National Football Team will end the 14-day closed isolation on December 2, and then be collectively transferred to Shanghai as required to continue the 7-day “independent observation” during which the team will not arrange training. This means that Li Tie’s coaching staff’s task of leading the training team came to an end as the team ended the quarantine in Suzhou. If nothing else, the coaching change of the national football team should be finalized after December 2.

If Li Tie leaves get out of class, who will take over as the hot-spotted coach of the national football team? Affected by the epidemic, the Football Association can consider a small range of candidates. At present, the most popular candidate to replace Li Tie is the current head coach of the Wuhan team Li Xiaopeng.Return to Sohu to see more


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