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National football four naturalized starter releases positive signals for local players to solve offensive problems

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Original Title: National Football Team Four Naturalized Starters Release Positive Signals for Local Players to Solve Offensive Issues

Source: Oriental Sports Daily

Our reporter Li Bing

With the Australian game, Li Tie finally produced a set of starting lineups that were “required by everyone”. The four naturalized players Jiang Guangtai, Luo Guofu, Alan and Exxon “combined” as the main force for the first time.

With only 4 points in the first five games, even in the face of the Asian “Big Mac”-level Australian team, Li Tie and his Chinese men’s football team have had to fight hard. To the point, after all, if you lose again, not only will you miss the top two in the group, but the difference with the third place will also be further widened. The remaining four games will also become “fight for honor” early. . The “four naturalized starters” that have rewritten the history of Chinese football, but failed to change the dilemma of the Chinese team’s loss of goals in each game-as the Australian team No. 15 Duke scored a header in the 37th minute of the first half, the Chinese team was in In all six of the top 12 matches, the opponents broke the door. Among this group, the team “shared” this record with them, as well as the Vietnam team, which lost all six games.

What made Li Tie more depressed than losing the ball was that Jiang Guangtai was replaced by straining the back muscles of his thigh. This main central defender, who played all five games before, played in the first 45 minutes of the China-Australia war. Contributed 2 interceptions, 2 clearances and 2 steals, which is the most stable part of the Chinese team’s defensive line. Since the seventh round of the top 12 matches with the Japanese team will not be until late January 2022, for Li Tie and the national football team, Jiang Guangtai still has enough time to recover, which can be regarded as a “lucky fortune in misfortune”.

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Although the use of four naturalizations to release the offensive signal, even though Luo Guofu, who tried his best, contributed a typical “bison-style” flying to the rescue, but due to the overall strength gap, the Chinese team not only did not have it in the first half of the game. A shot within the range of the goal frame, 32% of the possession rate, even half of the Australian team can not reach.

What’s interesting is that although Li Tie sent all the naturalized players in the starting lineup for the first time, it was two local players who solved the offensive problem for the Chinese team. In the 25th minute of the second half, Xu Xin took a free kick and caused the Australian player. With a handball foul in the penalty area, the Chinese team won a penalty kick. Wu Lei, who played for the Spanish team in La Liga, drew the score 1-1.

After Goolat terminated his contract with the club and returned to Brazil, the prospects of the four naturalized players Luo Guofu, Alan, Exxon and Jiang Guangtai who also played for the Guangzhou team in the Super League have become confusing, but due to Luo Guofu He got his second yellow card in the group stage. According to the rules, he will be absent from the next round of the National Football Team. Even if Jiang Guangtai is able to recover from injury, Li Tie’s “Four Naturalized Dragons”, which has just been assembled, are not destined to appear in Japan. The team was in the top 12 match.

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For the national football team, although the 1 point obtained from the Australian team is not enough to “quench the thirst”, but while holding back the opponent’s pace, it also retains the hope of advancing to the play-offs as the third place in the group. ——For Chinese football, which is already at the bottom, is there anything more important than “living”?Return to Sohu to see more


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