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Original title: The national football promotion still needs to “deadly knock” Syria

In the early morning of the 12th, Beijing time, the Chinese team blossomed at the Sharjah Stadium in the United Arab Emirates and defeated the Maldives 5-0. This resulted in a three-game winning streak in the second half of the top 40 matches and locked the second place in Group A one round ahead of schedule. . Although affected by the different kick-off times of the competitions in this round, the Chinese team cannot guarantee the promotion to the top 12 for the time being after winning, but in this game, the 5 goals of the national football team came from 5 different players including Wu Lei. The attackers, Ji Xiang, Li Ke, Tan Long, Zheng Zheng and other players respectively completed their debut in this stage of the event. In addition, the Chinese team was also unlicensed in this game. It can be said that the national football team has gained a very cost-effective match. victory. This set a solid foundation for the team to win the last 40 match against Syria and get a ticket to the top 12.

As reflected in the pre-match preparations, coach Li Tie made a significant adjustment to the team’s lineup for this game. Among the team’s 11 starting players, with the exception of goalkeeper Yan Junling and attacker Wu Lei, the other 9 were the first to get a starting opportunity in this stage of the competition.

Following the 5-goal victory over the Maldives in the first round of this top 40 match, the national football team also doubled their opponents with the same score in this round. From the results, this is a victory that is sufficient to satisfy the coaching staff and fans. After all, after winning this game, the Chinese team is close to the top 12 games.

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From the perspective of the game, the Chinese team is tantamount to handing in a satisfactory answer. For example, the 5 goals of the Chinese team came from 5 different players on the attack line. Except for Wu Lei as a hero as always, the other four scoring heroes Liu Binbin, Alan, Zhang Yuning, and Tan Long did not humiliate their mission and showed their own characteristics.

Through rotation, most of the Chinese team got the chance to play in addition to 3 substitute goalkeepers. Li Ang and Yu Dabao played together calmly in the central defender position, the midfielder Hao Junmin connected the ups and downs, and Li Ke’s decisive tackle made the opponents at a loss. They all proved their worth in the limited playing time. As Li Tie said, ” Our players are not divided into substitutes or main players, but I will arrange suitable players to play according to different opponents.”

Almost at the same time that the Chinese team won the Maldives team, the Oman team, temporarily ranked second in Group E, defeated the Afghanistan team 2-1, temporarily ranking the second place in each group of the top 40 team with a record of 6 matches and 12 points. Top position.

However, in this round of competition, the Uzbekistan team and Jordan team, which are the Chinese team’s promotion competitors, will face the Yemen team and the Kuwait team respectively. On the afternoon of the 12th, Beijing time, the Lebanese team of Group H will also face the South Korean team. Therefore, the ranking of the Chinese team in the second team rankings of each group will also change with the results of the above-mentioned games. In other words, after the Chinese team won this game, they have not confirmed their promotion. From this perspective, they still need to “crash” with the Syrian team. (Reporter Xiao Geng)

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