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National Games table tennis women’s team Chen Xingtong scored 2 points, Liaoning beats Shandong, wins gold and Hebei wins bronze medal_Chen Meng

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Original title: National Games table tennis women’s team Chen Xingtong scored 2 points, Liaoning beat Shandong, won the gold and Hebei won the bronze medal

On September 21, Beijing time, the 14th National Games of the People’s Republic of China entered the 7th competition day. In the women’s table tennis finals in the Yan’an University Gymnasium, the national team player Chen Xingtong was strong and defeated Wang Xiaotong consecutively. He and Chen Meng helped the Liaoning team beat the Shandong team 3-1 and overturned the two major gold medals in Hebei and Shandong to win gold medals. In the bronze medal battle that ended earlier, Sun Yingsha was still in poor condition and fought hard to win five games, but the Hebei team still swept the Sichuan team 3-0 to win the bronze medal.

The women’s team finals of the current National Games table tennis event will be the Shandong team against the traditional strong team Liaoning team. On the way to advancement, the Shandong team lined up very elegantly. For several consecutive games, the main player Chen Meng only served as the third single to save his physical fitness. Under such circumstances, he can also take advantage of the Tianjin team and the Sichuan team. The state is quite good. In the semi-finals, the Liaoning team overturned the Hebei team led by Sun Yingsha. Wang Yidi, who served as the first singles, swept Sun Yingsha 3-0 in 27 minutes, giving his opponent a smashing power. Two hot teams were shortlisted for this women’s team finals, and the gold medals were confusing.

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In the first game, Chen Meng faced Wang Yidi. In the first game, Wang Yidi scored 12-10. Then he used a big angle to mobilize Chen Meng to score repeatedly. Chen Meng, who was caught in a hard fight, began to change his serving strategy. After taking the turn of her serve, there were many mistakes. Chen Mengfei defeated his opponent after winning the second game at 14-12. After another two games with 11-5 and 11-9, he defeated Wang Yidi with a big score of 3-1. Help the Shandong team score the first point.

In the second set, Wang Xiaotong played against the national team player Chen Xingtong of the Liaoning team. The Liaoning team clearly had the advantage in this game. -5, 11-4) Swept the opponent in three consecutive rounds to help the Liaoning team equalize the score to 1-1.

In the third set, Shandong team sent Gu Yuting, who had been the first singles all the way, against Li Jiayi of Liaoning team. The goal was obviously to hit this point and win the match point. However, Li Jiayi, who defeated Zhang Binyue’s savior in the quarter-finals, played a strange game. Jia, defeated Gu Yuting 3-1 (11-7, 13-11, 9-11, 12-10) and helped the Liaoning team 2-1 to get the championship point.

In the fourth set, Chen Meng played again against Chen Xingtong of the Liaoning team. In the first game, Chen Xingtong won 11-7. Then Chen Meng got back one city 11-9. In the third game, Chen Xingtong won 11-8, a big score. Leading 2-1. In the crucial fourth game, Chen Meng took the lead in the opening stage. However, Chen Xing made an effort after 4-4 and scored another victory 11-7. Chen Meng defeated Chen Meng 3-1 by a big score to help the team. The score defeated the Shandong team 3-1, overturned two major gold favorites, won the gold medal.

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In the earlier bronze medal battle, Hebei team played against Sichuan team. In the first set, Sun Mingyang 3-0 (11-4, 11-7, 13-11) withstood Yang Huijing’s counterattack and set the stage for the team. , In the second set, He Zhuojia fought for 42 minutes, defeating Fan Siqi 3-1 (11-3, 7-11, 11-7, 11-8), helping the team get the match point. In the third set, Sun Yingsha was not in good shape again. Good, it took 53 minutes to beat Guo Yan with a thrilling reversal 3-2 (12-10, 7-11, 9-11, 11-3, 14-12), helping Hebei team beat Sichuan team 3-0. Won the bronze medal of the women’s team.

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