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National Games Women’s Football: Wang Shuang shoots the joint team 2-1 to reverse Jiangsu advance to semifinals_Olympics

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Original title: National Games Women’s Football: Wang Shuang shot the United team 2-1 reversed Jiangsu advance to the semifinals

On September 18th, Beijing time, the National Games Women’s Football Adult Group Group A will continue. The Chinese women’s football team will play in the name of the joint team against the Jiangsu women’s football team. In the first half, the Olympic team failed to form an advantage. Instead, the Jiangsu team frequently created threats and Jin Kun scored a goal. In the second half, Wang Shuang scored a penalty kick for the United team to equalize, and Xiao Yuyi scored a goal to overtake. In the end, the United team reversed 2-1 and advanced to the semi-finals.

In the first round of the match, both teams won 1-0. The Chinese women’s football team defeated the host Shaanxi women’s football team, and the Jiangsu women’s football team defeated the bumpy Liaoning women’s football team. The two teams tied for the first place in the group standings with 3 points, which is also a first battle.

In the 5th minute of the game, the United team returned a goalkeeper error to give the Jiangsu team a chance. Wu Chengshu inserted into the penalty area to form an empty goal, but unfortunately the stop was too big and slipped out of the left bottom line. In the 16th minute, the Jiangsu team got the opportunity to place the ball on the left side of the front of the penalty area. Zhai Qingwei opened the set ball to the penalty area and Zhu Yu held it firmly. In the 23rd minute, Wang Yanwen, a player of the Olympic joint team, uprooted Ma Jun, and the referee showed him a yellow card.

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In the 28th minute, Wu Chengshu of Jiangsu team broke through the bottom line from the right and shot from a small angle. Zhu Yu made a save and Ma Jun, who was outside the penalty area, got the ball and shot wide. In the 32nd minute, the Jiangsu team took the lead to break the deadlock on the field. The Jiangsu team sent a straight pass from the middle. Jin Kun quickly moved forward and scored with a low shot from the far corner. The Jiangsu team led the Olympic team 1-0. At the end of the first half, the Jiangsu team temporarily led the United team 1-0.

The two sides changed sides in the second half to fight again. In the 55th minute, the Jiangsu team made a through ball in the middle, and Jin Kun almost formed a single chance, but it was a pity that he was offside. In the 63rd minute, the Olympic United team passed diagonally to the penalty area from the right. Miao Siwen got the ball in the penalty area and caused the opponent’s defensive foul. The referee gave the United team a penalty kick. Wang Shuang took the penalty kick and easily tricked the goalkeeper into the goal. .

In the 70th minute, the Olympic United team kicked a right corner kick from Wang Shuang and was cleared by the Jiangsu team. In the 75th minute, Wang Shuang broke through in the middle and was knocked down. Wang Shuang himself took the free kick. The ball was thrown by the goalkeeper and bounced on the door frame. In the 82nd minute, Wang Shuang made a diagonal pass from midfield. Miao Siwen was brought down before entering the penalty area. The United team got the opportunity to set the ball. Wang Shuang drove the ball to the middle of the goal. Wang Shanshan flew to the right side. Xiao Yuyi kept up with the goal and the United team went 2-1. The Jiangsu team. At the end of the game, the Olympic United team reversed the Jiangsu team 2-1.

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Lineups of both sides:

Olympic team starting: 1-Zhu Yu, 2-Li Mengwen, 16-Wang Xiaoxue, 6-Zhang Xin, 7-Wang Shuang, 8-Wang Yan, 9-Miao Siwen, 11-Wang Shanshan, 13-Yang Lina, 10-Wang Yanwen, 18 -Urgumula

Olympic team substitutes: 3-Lin Yuping, 4-Li Qingtong, 12-Peng Shimeng, 14-Liu Jing, 15-Yang Man, 19-Wang Ying, 20-Xiao Yuyi, 21-Zhong Xiudong, 22-Ding Xuan

Jiangsu team starting: 1-Xu Huan, 4-He Wei, 6-Li Yuehua, 19-Zhai Qingwei, 21-Yan Xiaoyu, 5-Liu Jing, 8-Yao Lingwei, 9-Wu Chengshu, 28-Wan Weijing, 2-Gold Kun, 10-Ma Jun

Substitutes for Jiangsu Team: 7-Xu Yanlu, 12-Ou Yiyao, 17-Xu Wenhong, 18-Ni Mengjie, 26-Long Xintong, 27-Yang Qian, 29-Han Xuan, 30-Wang Yu, 33-Cui Yuhan

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