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Nations League 2021, Italy-Spain 1-2: Ferran Torres eliminates the Azzurri – Sport – Football

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Ferran Torres (Ansa)

Milan, 6 October 2021 – Sooner or later it had to happen and it happened in the semifinal of the Nations League 2021: to drop theItaly after 37 games without defeat is there Spain, driven by a brace of Ferran Torres. For the Azzurri, in truth always in difficulty in the presence of the dribble of the guests, after a good phase characterized by sensational opportunities that occurred in Bernardeschi e Badge the coup de grace comes just before the double whistle, when a Bonucci the second yellow card is waved: it is in fact the mortgage on the victory of the Spain, which in the end, with an error in the construction phase, grants theItaly the goal of the flag (to sign Pilgrims after a snatch of church). The Meazza thus lives the dream of a comeback that will not materialize: the Iberians will play the trophy, who will challenge one of Belgium e France.

First half

The Spain he starts better by keeping the ball in the game for a long time, but at 5 ‘he is church to pack the first chance with a blow from the distance hardly foiled from Unai simon. The latter is repeated shortly after on Sticks, good at intercepting the ball on yet another long dribble of the guests: at 13 ‘the defender of theInter it is providential on Ferran Torres, served by an involuntary detour of Oyarzabal. At 17 ‘it is the number 11 who takes the lead Spain with a touch from close range: bad on the occasion Sticks, which fails on the cross of Oyarzabal. At 19 ‘the guests could even double with Marcos Alonso, the conclusion of which puts us in crisis Donnarumma: the pole before e Bonucci then they save theItaly, which at 29 ‘touches the net with Di Lorenzo on the developments of a corner. The Azzurri grow more and more and between 35 ‘and 36’ they create (and waste) two sensational occasions: in the first Unai simon and the stake repel the attempt to Bernardeschi, while shortly after Badge, fished from Emerson Palmieri, incredibly spoils a penalty in motion. At 37 ‘it is dangerous again Spain with a diagonal of Oyarzabal prey of Donnarumma: the sigh of relief of the Meazza it doesn’t last long, because at 42 ‘ Bonucci receives the second yellow card after an elbow inflicted on Busquets and at 47 ‘ Ferran Torres head capitalizes on the suggestion of Oyarzabal and brings down the curtain on the first half on a very heavy 2-0 in favor of his team.

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Second half

As expected in the recovery the script sees the Spain maneuver the ball in a hypnotic way to put the game to sleep andItaly (free Bernardeschi, replaced by Chiellini) intent on trying to interrupt the monologue. After initially covering up, Mancini try to mix the cards by inserting Kean, Locatelli, Pilgrims e Calabria per Badge, Verratti, Jorginho e Stretcher but it is still there a breath away from the net Spain with Oyarzabal, who in the 64th minute knocks out the cross of the newly entered player Yeremi Pino: the latter at 78 ‘serves Mancos Alonso, which commits Donnarumma with a boost of power. The match seems closed but at 82 ‘he reopens it Pilgrims, which sends the perfect assist of church, good at snatching the ball a Pau Torres. The Meazza wakes up but in reality nothing happens anymore: theItaly falls after 37 games without losing (in fact the longest streak ever) and does so by the hand of Spain, who is waiting for one in the final Belgium e France.

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