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Nations League, results: Austria-France 1-1, Denmark-Croatia 0-1

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Nations League, results: Austria-France 1-1, Denmark-Croatia 0-1

The PSG phenomenon equalized Weimann’s advantage and then touches the reverse: Denmark remains first in the group despite the home defeat. Israel (against Reja’s Albania), Slovakia and Latvia win. Resounding goal from Andorra from before halfway

The Ernst Happel of Vienna is confirmed as a cursed field for France, whose last victory in the Austrian capital dates back to 29 years ago. THE Blues remain sensationally at the bottom of the standings after the draw remedied. To open the match is Weimann, at the end of a good action started by Arnautovic at the end of the first half; Mbappé, entered from the bench, avoids the worst by fixing the score at 1-1 with a few minutes to go. In the other challenge of the match of group A1, Croatia relaunches by beating Denmark in Copenhagen with the goal of Mario Pasalic, good at resolving a scrum on the developments of a corner kick.

Austria-France 1-1

The race as a whole does not reserve particular emotions, especially in the initial stages. The best chance happens in the 18 ‘to Benzema, who tries the tap-in after the free-kick from Griezmann but finds the opposition of Pentz and the rescue on the defense line of Austria. Rangnick’s team endures opponents’ attempts without too much effort and knows how to wait for the right moment to strike. Moment that arrives in the 37th minute, when Arnautovic rewards the overlap of Laimer who perfectly serves Weimann in the center. A ball only to be pushed into the net. The Real Madrid striker tries again just before half-time, but once again the Austrian goalkeeper closes the door. Upon returning from the locker rooms, Coman lights up and also goes close to equal in the 56th minute: he frees himself well with a feint, but his right ends high from a good position. Deschamps plays the Mbappé card and the choice does not disappoint: in the 83rd minute he takes advantage of the offset line of the defense and in front of Pentz he burns him with a left under the crossbar. The goalkeeper then exalts himself, deflecting a shot on the crossbar again by Mbappé and also parrying Guendouzi’s attempt on a corner kick. Fully earning the best player in the field.

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Denmark 0-1 Croatia

The teams present themselves with very different formations compared to the previous match, with six and seven changes in the starting eleven respectively. Also in this case the race, which started late due to a hole in the net, is not the most exciting. The start is in favor of the Danes, who show themselves dangerously thanks to the sortie of the winger, such as that of Maehle in the 10th minute. The answer is entrusted to Orsic, who starts from the left and returns but does not frame the door; even Skov Olsen’s shot at the end of the fraction was unlucky. Dalic relies on Modric’s geometry and throws him into the fray for the second half. Some small improvement is immediately visible in the setting of the game, but the decisive goal comes on the developments of a corner kick. Pasalic is good at picking up a bank in the center of the area and running immediately under the legs of Schmeichel (69 ‘). Parken’s push is not enough and Croatia moves to 4 points, two points behind Denmark.

The others

Israel overturns Edy Reja’s Albania by winning a 1-2 comeback with Solomon’s brace; however, the meeting begins with a clear delay due to the launch of banners that got stuck in the holes of a net. Even the poker fell Latvia passing 2-4 at Moldova, while Weiss in the final signed the success of Slovakia in Azerbaijan. Andorra beat Liechtenstein 2-1 (with a sensational goal from behind half of the field by Rubio), only 1-1 between Belarus and Kazakhstan among the thousand regrets for the home team, close to the reversal several times in the final of match.

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