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Nations League, victory and promotion for Bosnia. Kvaratskhelia glorifies Georgia

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Nations League, victory and promotion for Bosnia.  Kvaratskhelia glorifies Georgia

For the Napoli star a goal and an own goal provoked. Finish in a draw Finland-Romania, Bulgaria trims a five in Gibraltar

Friday of verdicts in Nations League. Edin Dzeko’s Bosnia wins by measure against Montenegro and hits the mathematical primacy in group 3 of League B, which is worth the jump in A. It ends in a draw between Finland and Romania, another challenge in the group. In group 4 of League C, Georgia beat North Macedonia thanks to a super Kvaratskhelia and hit the promotion with one round to spare, while Bulgaria trimmed a five in Gibraltar. Category jump also for Estonia, who win in the final against Malta, in group 2 of League D.

League B

Group 3 offers Bosnia-Montenegro and Finland-Romania. In Zenica, the first opportunity to note is for Edin Dzeko’s Bosnia: in the 35th minute, from a recovery of the Inter striker, Stevanovic’s low cross was born, deflected into the net by Demirovic. Slight offside, the Var cancels. The Augsburg striker tries again, however, at the end of the first half and uses Dzeko’s spit to score the 1-0 with a nice right-footed shot. It is the match goal, which gives Bosnia the mathematical primacy (11 points, +4 over Montenegro) and the promotion to League A. In Helsinki, in the other match of the group, the score changes already at 12 ‘with the usual Pukki, striking Radu with a sharp right from the edge of the area. Romania seeks the reaction and finds the same after the interval with Tanase, good at taking advantage of the assist from Bancu close to the net. At this point Iordanescu’s national team believes in it and in the final touches the victory with Stanciu’s blow from distance. The 1-1 resists until the triple whistle.

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League C

In group 4, Khvicha Kvaratskhelia’s Georgia won 2-0 in Tbilisi in the 18 o’clock match against North Macedonia, earning the certainty of primacy (13 points, +6 on the opponents) and promotion to League B with one round of matches. advance. The Napoli star, already a protagonist in Serie A, takes the stage propitiating Miovski’s own goal with a cross-shot in the first half and signing the 2-0 to an empty net in the second half. In the evening, at the Ludogorets Arena in Razgrad it’s up to Bulgaria and Gibraltar. To unlock the challenge is the header of Antov, defender of Monza, in the middle of the first fraction. Chipolina immediately finds the 1-1, but it is an illusion. Despodov’s right-hand pot puts the Bulgarians back ahead of the break. Ends in goleada, with the seals in the second half of Kirilov, Stefanov and Petkov for the final 5-1. Playout for Gibraltar, which closes in last place.

League D

In group 2, Estonia and Malta take the field at 18. In Tallinn, the score changes close to half-time, with Sappinen 1-0 from the spot. The selection led by the Italian Devis Mangia reacts and responds at the start of the second half with Teuma, again from eleven meters. The hosts find the final goal 2-1 with 5 ‘from the end, with Anier’s left, which is worth the three points and the promotion to League C.

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