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NBA April 26 Suns vs. Clippers_Game_Westbrook_Butler

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NBA April 26 Suns vs. Clippers_Game_Westbrook_Butler

Original title: NBA April 26 Suns vs. Clippers

The hardest player in the world is not a diamond, but Butler in the playoffs. Relying on Butler’s god-level performance of 56 points, 9 rebounds and 2 assists today, the Heat scored a 41-25 climax in the fourth quarter and took the game away with a wave. The total score came to 3 to 1, and the Eastern Black Eight is about to be staged.

The Suns defeated the Clippers 112 to 100 in the last round of the away game. The ABCD combination of the team basically dominated the game, and the four of them scored most of the points.

In the last game of the Clippers, Westbrook ushered in an explosion without the dual core of Leonard and George. Westbrook scored 37 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists, and scored 37 points without free throws. It can be said that he alone carried the fragmented Clippers forward.

The Suns have 3 wins and 1 loss in the last 4 matches between the two teams. After an unexpected loss in the first game, they adjusted their tactics in time and successfully won the match point.

Tomorrow, the Clippers will still not be able to usher in the debut of Leonard and George. If the Clippers cannot win an away game, this will be their last game of the season. Westbrook was traded to the Clippers during the offseason, thinking that he could hit the playoffs with the Gemini. Unexpectedly, Leonard, who got a lot of rest in the regular season, was unable to play in the playoffs again due to injuries.

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In terms of paper strength, the two teams are currently not on the same level, but today’s Butler let us see the charm of competitive sports. Whether Westbrook can play the power of a triple-double tomorrow, we will wait and see. In this game, we are optimistic that the Clippers will not lose more than 12.5 points away.Return to Sohu to see more


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