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Nba, brawl in Pistons-Lakers: one day at LeBron, two at Stewart

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The Association stops the two protagonists of the altercation on Monday night. The Detroit player turned down James’s phone apology

One day to LeBron James, two to Isaiah Stewart. This is the decision of the NBA after the fight, caused by a bad slap of LeBron at the center of the Pistons, during the Detroit-Lakers. The two players had both been kicked off the pitch and fellow Detroit players, along with coach Casey, had had to make a great effort to hold back Stewart, who wanted to get justice for himself.

Isaiah Stewart, who lost his mind after a slap from LeBron James opened a wound in his right eyebrow that was treated with 8 stitches, declined LeBron’s phone apology. He will miss the games against Miami and the trip to Milwaukee, while James will not be in New York against the Knicks.


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