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Nba, decided to retire all number 6 jerseys for Russell: what does it mean

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Nba, decided to retire all number 6 jerseys for Russell: what does it mean

Magic Johnson had proposed it in the wake of baseball with Jackie Robinson: only those who already wore it will be able to wear the number of the legend of the Celtics, there will also be a logo in his honor. Silver: “So his career will be recognized forever”

The NBA forever retires, looking ahead, the number 6 jersey, in honor of Bill Russell. Epochal decision, which will apply to each of the 30 teams in the league. An absolute first time that comes a few days after the death of the legend of the Boston Celtics, 11 times NBA champion, which took place on July 31 at the age of 88. Those who, like LeBron James, already wore number 6 will be able to continue wearing it, 25 players wearing that jersey number last season. However, no new jerseys with the number 6 will be awarded from now on.


A commemorative reference to Russell will also be featured on the right shoulder of each NBA jersey during the 2022-23 season. A logo with the clover and the number 6 depicted will then be visible on each field of the league. Special memory and dedication, targeted, instead, for the Boston Celtics. Let’s talk about the only NBA team in Russell’s career: they will have a special appeal, yet to be revealed, on their uniforms.


The NBA Commissioner said, Russell’s success on the pitch and as a civil rights pioneer deserves to be honored in a unique and historic way. Permanently withdrawing the number 6 throughout the league ensures that Bill’s career will be recognized forever ”.

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It was another former NBA legend, Magic Johnson, icon of the Los Angeles Lakers “enemies”, in recent days to propose this initiative, which on the merits had divided American public opinion on social networks. The NBA did not hesitate and decided to “marry her”.


Major League Baseball in 1997 permanently retired Jackie Robinson’s number 42, allowing athletes who wore his number to end their careers without having to change it in the meantime. The NBA therefore evidently took its cue from baseball. Robinson was also honored for breaking down race barriers in his sports league. Russell, like him, is recognized not only for his feats on the court, a myth of overseas basketball, but also for his commitment to civil rights. At the time he marched with Martin Luther King, was close to Mohammed Ali, the phenomenal boxer, and in the recent past received the Medal for Freedom from Barack Obama.


No one since the 1968-69 season, Russell’s last in the Celtics jersey, has ever dressed his number again for the Boston Green franchise who retired that number in 1972. Russell played for 13 seasons in the NBA, from 1956 to 1969, he was 5 times MVP of the league and 12 times All Star. Prior to his legendary pro career he had won the NCAA title twice, at collegiate level, with the San Francisco University jersey. It is according to each epoch for rebounds: even 21,620.

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