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Nba Finals, Boston Celtics-Golden State Warriors 97-107, serie sul 2-2

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Nba Finals, Boston Celtics-Golden State Warriors 97-107, serie sul 2-2

Steph saves the Warriors on the brink and signs the 2-2. We leave on Monday from San Francisco

Parity. Golden State equalized the Finals 2-2 thanks to Steph Curry, winning race-4 107-97 with 43 points of his phenomenon after looking for a long time the abyss of defeat and that abyss called 3-1 from which only one team in the history of the Finals has managed to re-emerge. Boston, in front of its wild public, throws a great opportunity to the wind: in the first half it gave a clear feeling of superiority, also preserved in the third quarter when Curry further raised his already stratospheric level and restored oxygen to Golden State, then making the difference in the fourth. Monday in San Francisco starts again from 2-2, and whatever happens the Finals will return next Thursday in Boston. And the blame, or the credit, is all Curry’s

the phenomenon

Steph made the phenomenon. He saved Golden State, he managed to silence the buu of fear and respect of the home crowd. For long stretches it was Curry-Celtics more than Warriors-Celtics. Yes, because Golden State lost its soul for three quarters: not a team, but the one man show of one of the best 75 players ever. It did not help Kerr’s choice to include Porter in the quintet instead of Looney, which the coach regretted after less than 5 ‘, the attack is not as airy as usual and the defense only wakes up in the fourth period. It all depends on Curry, too much too. Steph, however, is a real phenomenon, a Halley’s comet that is admired when it passes: she never pulls back, despite the screams of the TD Garden are able to enter you, and plays an epic game. He is the reason why the Warriors still have a chance in the fourth period, when with Thompson’s awakening (8 of his 18 points) and the defense that silences the attack of the Celtics (33% from the field) Golden State puts in a partial of 14-3 with which in 5 ‘in the fourth period he takes the game. Green still AC, the real X-Factor was Wiggins: 17 points and 16 rebounds.

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missed opportunity

Boston had cornered the Warriors but failed to knock them out. And instead he blamed Curry’s blows: Steph in the long run sent the defense into crisis, who never really understood how to stop him, and also made the attack jammed, which closed with 40% from the field limited to 43 points in the second half. . Jayson Tatum, unleashed at the beginning, finished with 23 points and a bad 8/23 shooting. Jaylen Brown, 21 points, stopped at 9/19. Boston overtook the rebound confrontation 55-42, with Robert Williams at the long impassable wall suddenly collapsing. Marcus Smart shone only in the third quarter, Derrick White in the final shot in circles. Udoka before the game had said that for the Celtics this was a race like any other, but in the end the pressure of being at the Finals, of a very hot audience that daydreams the title number 18, made itself felt. Instead of flying to San Francisco with an almost unbridgeable advantage, Boston travels to California wondering what went wrong.

the match

Curry with 12 points in the first quarter immediately proves that he has forgotten the race-3 injury, Tatum putting as many points that the Celtics are ready. The 28-27 Boston at the first siren is the consequence of a triple at the end of Grant Williams; 54-49 at the interval of the acceleration of the hosts, while the guests struggle to shoot (9/28 in the second quarter). Golden State hopes for the usual third fourth show, instead it goes into difficulty again, barely kept afloat only by the greatness of Curry who with 14 points gives the guests the 79-78 to the siren. Boston seems to be able to control the game for the opening 6 ‘of the last quarter, but Curry rises again to the level and launches the 14-3 run with which Golden State get their hands on the match. And the Finals, thanks to him, are back in a draw.

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Boston: Tatum 23 (4/15 from two, 4/8 from three, 3/5 free throws), Brown 21, Smart 18. Bounces: R. Williams 12. Assist: Tatum 6.
Golden State: Curry 43 (7/12, 7/14, 8/9 free throws), Thompson 18, Wiggins 17. Bounces: Wiggins 16. Assist: Green 8.

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