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Nba: Gallinari goes from Atlanta to San Antonio in exchange for Murray

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Nba: Gallinari goes from Atlanta to San Antonio in exchange for Murray

Atlanta sends the blue to Gregg Popovich’s court to get to Dejounte Murray. But in Danilo’s future there is free agency. And one of three contenders in the East

Danilo Gallinari goes to San Antonio. But not to stay in Gregg Popovich’s court. The blue is the economic counterpart of the trade that brings Dejounte Murray to Atlanta in exchange, as well as the Gallo, for three choices on the first round 2023, 2025 and 2027 and the right for the Spurs to exchange the choice with the Hawks in 2026. The contract of the almost 34-year-old Gallinari of 21.5 million dollars for 2022-23, however, is not guaranteed, and San Antonio has no intention of confirming it, given that Pop wants to start again with the young. Gallo served as a counterpart to the trade, allowing Atlanta to add an All Star like Murray to its core of Trae Young, John Collins, Clint Capela and De’Andre Hunter. His prize will be free agency, and more.

the move of the rooster

Danilo has long known that his unsecured contract for 2022-23 made him the perfect counterpart for a trade. The Hawks have long been working on a way to strengthen themselves, and with the approval of their star Young they had identified Murray as the right man to level up and return to chasing the final in the East obtained in 2021. Danilo has a contract of 21.5 millions, but only 5 are guaranteed: while the blue is in Italy, waiting for the free agency to start, his agent Michael Tellem worked in the shadows for him. One of the consequences of the trade, in fact, is that the unsecured part of his 2022-23 salary rises to 11.6 million, a nice lifesaver with which to deal with free agency. Yes, because Gallo from the Italian midnight of the night between 30 June and 1 July will be one of those free agents who will go hunting for a new contract, given that San Antonio focuses on young people and does not need a veteran like him. Gallinari will be able to move with an important salary already in his pocket and with three contenders in the East ready to come forward.

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the suitors

There would be 3 contenders ready to come forward for the blue. Two are known: Boston and Miami. The Celtics have to offer the salary exception for teams in luxury tax territory, a contract of up to 4 years with a 2022-23 salary of 6.5 million. Brad Stevens has for some time identified in Gallinari the perfect change of his longs, a player with points in his hands that can give the shock, in a role similar to the one that Danilo has had with Atlanta in the last two seasons. Gallo and Boston have been chasing each other for some time, but the marriage has never consummated, at least until now. Miami has more money to offer, theoretically being able to reach a contract of 10.5 million a year, not being in the luxury tax territory. Doing so, however, would trigger the hard cap regime for the Heat, an insuperable salary cap: Pat Riley, the plenipotentiary of the franchise, would prefer not to. Miami would then have made the return of PJ Tucker a priority, but with the idea of ​​not offering him more than a three-year worth 26.5 million. The defensive specialist champion with Milwaukee in 2021 would however have a better proposal ready than Philadelphia, which after James Harden renounces the 47.3 million player option for 2022-23 (Barba will remain with the Sixers, but with a lower contract ) has what it takes to present Tucker with a three-year $ 30 million that the player would be inclined to accept. Gallinari would be plan B. There would be a third contender in the Eastern Conference, unnamed for now, ready to come forward with an important offer. Gallinari is ready to listen to it. Although for now, at least virtually, he will have to go to San Antonio without ever having moved from Milan.

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