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NBA, Jimmy Butler’s interview with Sky: ‘My leadership changes, I remain myself’. VIDEO

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NBA, Jimmy Butler’s interview with Sky: ‘My leadership changes, I remain myself’.  VIDEO

MIAMI – Don’t think it’s any different: these Miami Heat are Jimmy Butler’s team just like the Denver Nuggets are Nikola Jokic’s team. A tour of the team’s store inside the Kaseya Center confirms it: the t-shirts with the n°22 and the name “Butler” are all sold out, there is something left with the words “Buckets” (his nickname) or with a strange photo of him lying on the floor on the parquet. But that’s all (while the jerseys of Adebayo, Herro, Lowry and all the others abound on the shelves). Butler is the superstar. Butler is the leader. But in his own wayboth in the first and in the second case. And the Heat fullback talked about it in theexclusive interview he gave to the microphones of Sky Sport during these Finals: “I think my type of leadership depends on many factors,” he says. “First of all the experience, everything you go through makes you a certain type of person, and I’ve been through a lot in my lifelike many guys on this team,” he says. “Then my way of being a leader also changes according to the companions around meand their different needs. I stay myselfI am – if you want to put this in quotes – the leader of this group. I love my teammates, I would do anything for them, both on and off the pitch. For me Being a leader means doing the right thing most of the time, as often as possible, because everyone is paying attention to what I’m doing – but doing the right thing even when no one is there to watch me, if that’s possible. It means giving everything I have, e lead first by my example. There are those who affirm his leadership through emotions, those with words, I feel I have to take the field and show you how it’s done“.

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The friendship with Neymar: how and when it started

In the two games in Miami, the front row of the Kesaya Center hosted big names in world football, from Neymar a Pogba until Vinicius. Of the three, Butler’s relationship with the PSG Brazilian is the narrower one: “He was born in 2016, in Rio de Janeiro, when he won Olympic gold with the Brazilian national team and I with Team USA. Since then I’ve started to pay a lot of attention to his career and to follow more of a wonderful sport like football. Today all my friends are soccer players, Paul was there too [Pogba] Who the other day, so Go Juve“, Butler exclaims smiling, even if he confesses that he is more of a PSG fan – or Inter MiamiMessi’s new team – and in any case more of the players in general than of any single team.

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