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Nba results, record-breaking Utah. Philadelphia finds Embiid again

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The Jazz continue to win. The 76ers find their MVP candidate after 10 stop games and celebrate it by beating Minnesota. And Milwaukee without Antetokounmpo works the same …

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Utah continues to win and shatter records, Philadelphia finds Embiid and first place in the East, Milwaukee without Antetokounmpo clings to Holiday: it works. It is the showcase of the 7 games of the NBA night under observation. Also worth mentioning is Indiana’s overtime victory in San Antonio, even without Sabonis and Brogdon: will this be the turning point?

Utah Jazz-Orlando Magic 137-91

All easy for Utah. Conquering the ninth victory in a row, he is confirmed untouchable at home (22-2), he even establishes a record, that of the triple target in a time: 18, in the first portion of the game. The Magic (17-32), with just 8 players available and 9 injured, are swept away immediately, unable to offer any resistance. The Jazz (38-11) were without Conley, but the absence proved to be irrelevant against an opponent with reduced ranks, in the 22nd starting five different season, due to injuries and the reconstruction perfected via trade. 22 points for Mitchell, a good game from Clarkson, the Jazz close with six players in double figures of points by beating Orlando for the fifth consecutive time and consolidating the best record in the league. And they don’t mention slowing down …

Utah: Mitchell 22 (2/4, 6/7), Ingles/Bogdanovic 17. Rimbalzi: Gobert/ingles/Favors 6. Assist: Clarkson 9.

Orlando: Carter 19 (6/9, 0/3, 7/8 tl), Okeke 16, Bacon 13. Rebounds: Carter 12. Assists: Ross / Okeke 3.

Philadelphia 76ers-Minnesota Timberwolves 122-113

Welcome back Joel Embiid. Philadelphia (34-15) rejoins its mvp candidate after 10 stoppage games (the Sixers still won 7) and celebrates it by beating Minnesota (12-38) for the seventh straight win at the Wells Fargo Center. For the Cameroonian it had to be a soft return, thanks to the limited minutes, but he made the difference by closing with 20 points and 8 rebounds and adding an important block on the wild Anthony Edwards, first overall choice in the draft, which confirms with 27 points how much it is growing. Embiid started slowly, showing post-injury rust, but grew as he progressed from the game, enhanced by the clash with Karl-Anthony Towns, who with 39 points (including 16 in the last quarter) and 14 rebounds tried until the last to keep in the game of Wolves. If he did not succeed, as well as Embiid, it is thanks to Tobias Harris, 32 points including 12 in the last period, constant thorn in the side of the Wolves defense, in the fourth defeat in the last 5 outings.

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Philadelphia: Harris 32 (11/14, 2/3, 4/4 tl), Embiid 24, Simmons 14, Milton 14. Rimbalzi: Embiid 8, Simmons 8. Assist: Simmons 6.

Minnesota: Towns 39 (7/11, 4/12, 13/14 tl), Edwards 27, McDaniels 14. Rimbalzi: Towns 14. Assist: McLaughlin 9.

San Antonio Spurs-Indiana Pacers 133-139 dts

Who knows if the Pacers (22-26) will not be the game of the turning point of the season. Without Sabonis, Brogdon and Lamb, in the second night of a back to back, scored 139 points, their highest of the season, and won the extra in San Antonio dragged along by LeVert and McConnell. They had made it big this time too: ahead +5 with 1’45 ”to play, they had made themselves come back, and DeRozan had also had the shot to win the race against the Texans. Mistaken. And paid dearly. The Spurs (24-23) in fact then lose in extra time, for the seventh time in the last 10 games played. At home they are a disaster: 12 won and 16 lost. Popovich is livid with rage at the end of the race: “We cannot concede 139 points”. Too many, yes. LeVert instead recovers the smile: “The defeats (3 in a row) had taken away the desire to have fun playing, tonight we found it again”.

San antonio: DeRozan 25 (6/12, 13/15 t.l.), Johnson/Murray 20. Rimbalzi: Poeltl 13. Assist: DeRozan 6.

Indiana: LeVert 26 (8/13, 2/6, 4/5 t.l.), McConnell/Turner/A. Holiday 18. Rimbalzi: Turner/Bitadze/McConnell 7. Assist: Levert 9.

Sacramento Kings-Milwaukee Bucks 128-129

Antetokounmpo out of action? Holiday takes care of it. The Bucks (32-17) win for the third time in a row, dragged by the director, who in the absence of the Greek, unavailable due to a pain in his left knee, even rages. He scores 33 points, his highest of the season, above all he packs the 3-point game that decides the game, when Sacramento, with the third knockout in a row, riding a 14-0 run, drew the game at 119 points, with 2 ‘from to play. Holiday then scores and suffers the foul of Hield, and then moves the retina from the foul line. The Kings (22-28) still play it until the last second, because Davis even scores 7 triples for the evening, Fox 10 points in the 4th quarter and Haliburton gives assists for everyone, in the end they will be 11, yet it is not enough. Because Connaughton from the line makes the two free throws that are enough for Bud’s boys to win the victory in California.

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Milwaukee: Holiday 33 (11/18, 3/5, 2/3 tl), Lopez 26, Portis 18. Rebounds: DiVincenzo 14. Assist: Holiday 11.

Sacramento: Fox / Davis 27, Hield 19. Rebounds: Holmes 9. Assist: Haliburton 11.

Miami Heat-Cleveland Cavaliers 115-101 Strength 4.

Miami (26-24) hits the fourth consecutive success by getting rid of, in what will soon be called FTX Arena, of Cleveland (17-32), which collects the fifth defeat in a row and continues to sink into the Eastern Conference rankings, the same that the Heat are sure they can go back. Coach Spoelstra’s team is the usual magnificent collective, with 7 players in double figures and 53.7% shooting. With Victor Oladipo (8 points, 5 assists and 3/13 shooting), the difference was made by the usual suspects, Jimmy Butler (15 points and 11 assists) and Bam Adebayo (18 points and 11 rebounds). The Cavs, with Kevin Love starting center in double doubles (10 points and 10 rebounds in 24 ‘), failed to take advantage of Sexton’s 26 points. The Heat took the lead of the match midway through the first quarter, breaking the double-digit lead already with a triple from Ariza 4’43 ”from the first siren. The Cavs in the two center quarters tried to stay hooked, but in the fourth Miami shook them off with a powerful acceleration, pushed by 61.9% shooting and by the defense that kept the Cavs at 41.2% from the field. When Dragic put in the 109-91 with 2’54 ”to play, Cleveland had no choice but to resign.

Miami: Adebayo 18 (9/11, 0/1), Robinson 18 (6/9 da tre), Butler 15, Ariza 15. Rimbalzi: Adebayo 11. Assist: Butler 11.

Detroit Pistons-New York Knicks 81-125

New York (25-25) gets underway. And he does it so sensationally that Little Caesars Arena with Detroit (14-35) is his biggest win in 25 years, since the Knicks demolished Toronto by 46 points on April 15, 1996. There has never been a match against the Pistons, practically closed in the first quarter (41-15) thanks to the unleashed Julius Randle, who at the sound of the first siren has already put in 20 of the 29 points on the scoresheet. From there, Thibodeau’s team, which sends 6 players in double figures and closes with 19 triples on target, controls easily managing to interrupt the streak of 3 defeats. The only positive news for Detroit is the return of Killian Hayes: the French rookie was out since January 4 with a hip injury, he came back playing just under 20 ‘, closing without points, but putting 5 rebounds on the scoresheet and 3 assists. The return of a player on whom Detroit counts so much for the future overshadows even the worst attacking performance of the season.

Detroit: Grant 16 (3/7, 2/6, 4/5 tl), Diallo 14, Joseph 10. Rimbalzi: Plumlee 10. Assist: Jackson 3, Lee 3, Hayes 3.

New York: Randle 29 (4/7, 5/9, 6/7 tl), Bullock 22, Barrett 14. Rimbalzi: Randle 8. Assist: Payton 9.

Portland Trail Blazers-Oklahoma City Thunder 133-85

Portland takes a walk in the park, dominating OKC just as if it were the daily jogging session, harp. There is never a match, from start to finish, and Coach Stotts can save his starters for once. There are even eight Blazers (30-19) in double figures of points, at the end of the race, McCollum leads the group with 20 points on the scoresheet. The Thunder (20-29) always without Gilgeous-Alexander (who warmed up pre-game, close return) and Horford, for a rare time seem the tanking team we all imagined at the beginning of the season. They lost in 5 of the last 6 releases, you will be happy Presti …

Portland: McCollum 20 (4/6, 4/8), Lillard/Simons 16. Rimbalzi: Kanter 17. Assist: Lillard 6.

Oklahoma City: Williams 18 (6/10, 1/3, 3/3 tl), Bradley 14, Miller 11. Rebounds: Brown 14. Assists: Jerome / Pokusevski 4.


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