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NBA: The Lakers suffered a three-game losing streak, James Denver humiliated | Nuggets | Epoch Times

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[The Epoch Times, January 17, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Tang Yiren comprehensive report) Last weekend, the NBA regular season continued. The Toronto Raptors ended their two-game losing streak with a 103-96 victory over the Milwaukee Bucks. The San Antonio Spurs defeated the Los Angeles Clippers 101:94 at home, ending a 5-game losing streak, and the Clippers suffered a second-game losing streak. The Boston Celtics narrowly defeated the Chicago Bulls 114-112 at home. Although the Bulls have swallowed a three-game losing streak, they are still ranked first in the Eastern Conference. The Suns, ranked first in the league, defeated the Detroit Pistons 135:108, while the Los Angeles Lakers lost 96:133 to the Denver Nuggets.

On January 15, the Lakers played away against the Nuggets in the NBA regular season. For the Lakers, who have already suffered a two-game losing streak, they desperately need an iconic victory to stop the decline. The Lakers were well prepared for the game before the game, especially for Jokic. Coach Vogel revealed in an interview after the team’s training the day before that all the team’s training was prepared for Jokic. In addition, Vogel also talked about the team’s unanimous belief that poor defense was the main reason for the two-game losing streak, and the determination to improve the defense.

However, the intensity of the competition was disappointing. Throughout the game, the Lakers’ energy on both ends of offense and defense was far from the home team’s, and the score was pulled away early. In the end, the Nuggets beat the Lakers 133:96 at home by 37 points, which is also the largest winning point difference between the Nuggets and the Lakers in the history of the Nuggets. In this game, 7 Nuggets scored in double figures, Jokic scored 17 points, 12 rebounds and 13 assists, Jeff Green 26 points, Hyland 27 points set a career high; Lakers James 25 points 9 rebounds, Westbrook 19 Point 5 rebounds, Howard 13 points.

In order to deal with Jokic, the Lakers adjusted their starting lineup, and Vogel put Howard in the starting lineup. In addition to changing the big lineup, the Lakers also adopted the necessary double-team strategy for Jokic. However, the Lakers’ adjustment did not achieve the expected effect. Howard showed a good offensive state in the first quarter, but on the defensive end, he could not restrain Jokic, and the effect of switching to the perimeter was not good. The Nuggets played a mercury-like offense, making all the first six three-pointers. In the second quarter, Jokic gave Howard continuous lessons, and the Lakers had to replace “Master Huo”. Jokic scored a triple-double in just 20 minutes. The Nuggets scored 11 three-pointers in the halftime, making the Lakers full of loopholes and leading by 13 points at 73:60.

After changing sides and fighting again, the Lakers not only remained loose on defense, but also misfired on offense. At 5 minutes into the third quarter, the difference had reached 20 points. Since then, the Nuggets have always maintained a large enough advantage and ended the third quarter with 102:79. In the fourth quarter, the Nuggets’ three-point rain continued, and the score difference came to 30 points. After that, James and the Lakers clocked in and got off work in advance. In the end, the Lakers defeated the Nuggets 96:133, swallowing a three-game losing streak.

LeBron James’ second-worst loss of his career

The Lakers lost 37 points on the road with the Nuggets. This fiasco was indeed a big blow to James, who left the arena without giving an interview after the game. According to statistics, this is the 1,607th game (including regular season and playoffs) of James’ career, and the second largest loss by points. His biggest loss by points margin was the Lakers’ 42-point loss to the Pacers in 2019.

In this game, James only played 31 minutes. He made 9 of 23 shots and scored 25 points, 9 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 blocks. The plus-minus value was -17. After the game, James’ defensive attitude was questioned by many fans. In the game, James appeared many times in the fast break and did not retreat. And the famous Jan Hei Bayless is in one sentence: “The Lakers just suffered their worst loss of the season, losing to the Nuggets by 37 points in Denver. It is hard to believe that last year, the Lakers ranked No. 1 in defensive efficiency. One, No. 17 this season. James’ defensive rating is out of the 200, and he’s all on offense right now, with no defense at all.”

Bayless’s remarks can be said to be well-founded. This season, James has contributed 28.9 points, 7.5 rebounds and 6.5 assists per game. The data is already very gorgeous. However, James’ defensive efficiency this season ranks 287th in the league. Among the Lakers’ main players, his defensive efficiency is the worst. James wasn’t bad defensively when he was young, but at 37 years old, it’s hard for him to do everything. In many games, James will focus on the offensive end, rarely really actively do defense.

Halfway through the season. In the offseason last year, the Lakers introduced Westbrook and many star veterans to aim for the championship, but many fans feel that they are now a little bit like going to the lottery. The last time they won a team above .500 was a full month ago, when they beat the Mavericks. Since then, they have a record of 0 wins and 6 losses against strong teams, losing to the Bulls, the Suns, the Nets and the Grizzlies (twice) respectively. Counting against the Nuggets, they lost a total of 90 points. Judging from the current state of the Lakers, James’ dream of winning the championship is difficult to achieve.

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