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NBA wants star Kanter to take off his sneakers, rejected | CCP | Celtics

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[EpochTimesDecember92021](Epoch Times reporter Gao Shan compiles and reports) Boston Celtics center Enes Kanter Freedom is willing to publicly oppose One of the NBA players in the CCP’s “brutal dictatorship” and its continued human rights violations. When many of his peers remained silent about this, he was willing to stand up and speak out in public. This has won him a lot of praise across the United States.

But not everyone is happy with his frankness and integrity, including the NBA, which has a close business relationship with the Chinese Communist Party. The members of the association are obviously very dissatisfied with freedom, and they even attacked the shoes of his choice.

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Liberty told the New York Post: “Before the game at Madison Square Garden, two NBA gentlemen’begged’ me to take off my sneakers.” He was in November. Decided to wear custom-made sneakers that said “Free Tibet” (Free Tibet).

The original name of Liberty was Enes Kanter. He grew up in Turkey. At the end of last month, he was formally naturalized as an American citizen. He also legally changed his name Enes Kanter to Enes Kanter Freedom.

Liberty rejected this request from the NBA on the grounds that his US citizenship certificate showed that he did not need to do so.

Liberty told the New York Post: “I’m very confused about this. I was preparing for my naturalization test at the time. I knew that the First Amendment to the Constitution was about freedom of speech. They asked me to take off my shoes. Violated the rights granted to me by the First Amendment to the Constitution. I said, I will not take it off. I don’t care whether I will be suspended or fined.”

He also revealed: “During the intermission, I received a text message from the coach: The CCP suddenly banned all Celtics games in China. I was sitting on the bench wearing these shoes and only half of the game. The Celtics’ game was blocked by the (CCP) at the time of the year.”

According to the New York Post, the NBA denied that any of its employees had asked to take off his sneakers freely. And said that this request is very unusual, because the NBA is usually willing to talk about anything related to the CCP.

Liberty told the New York Post: “They asked me later if I would continue to wear these sneakers. I promised them that they would not wear those shoes again, but I put on again and said “Freedom”. Free Uighur sneakers.”

The Uyghur in the “Free Uyghur” slogan refers to the Muslim minority in Xinjiang, a province in western China, which has suffered terrible human rights violations by the CCP.

Liberty also revealed: “The National Basketball Players Association called and harassed me. I told them not to call or text me anymore.”

Despite the NBA’s efforts to suppress the voice of freedom, he said he would not succumb. He told the “Washington Post”: “Now I stand on a big stage, there are so many dictators who are destroying the people. God gave me this platform, and I must use it to fight for justice.”

Now, the NBA is anxiously waiting for when the other boot of the CCP will fall off.

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