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Neighborhoods “breaks” the D’Alessandro match, dirty work

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Neighborhoods “breaks” the D’Alessandro match, dirty work

7,5 NEIGHBORHOODS A great job for the team, including rebounds, assists and defense. He breaks the game in the second half with three triples without making a mistake, distributes assists, defends for two and has superior tactical intelligence.

6 SORRENTINO He was on the pitch for a long time in the first half, but his legs betray him and from three, the house specialty, he didn’t catch. He defends, but he pays for his tiredness. In the second half he gets a smart foul and manages the ball.

6 DONADONI Too much heat and after 15 ‘he already has three fouls on his back. Pavia needs him in the second half, but is limited by fouls, even if in the final with a steal and a dunk he closes the match.

8 TORGANO Great impact from the captain’s bench. Torgano, although suffering from one knee, is the only one who takes three of us. Attentive in defense, he suffers an unsportsmanlike and makes no mistake from the line. In the second half he is relentless to sink Mestre.

8 SGOBBA He will be tired, but even in race 4 he is a determining factor. He sacrifices himself in defense and rebound. When he goes strong there are no saint, he puts a triple of fundamental importance in the final. He goes into double double (18 points and 11 rebounds).

6 CALZAVARA It starts with determination, but then Mestre takes countermeasures and struggles. In the second half he rotates between bench and pitch, but his contribution is important.

6,5 D’ALESSANDRO Glue that cannot be seen, but feels. He puts his body against long opponents, he just lacks the shot, but he pays for the long stop and the 4 races in a week. He fights against Bortolin who is much taller, but he puts grit and determination into it, as well as technique.

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Sv CORRAL He tries and sacrifices himself for the team and increases the regrets for not having him in the series.

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