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Neonazism, dawn blitz throughout Italy: 26 searches in a vast Digos operation

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From the early hours of this morning, the Naples State Police, delegated by the public prosecutor of the Campania capital, has been carrying out house searches against 26 people under investigation for neo-Nazi subversive association and supremacist in the context of a complex investigation carried out by Neapolitan digos and by the Prevention Police Central Directorate – Service for the fight against extremism and internal terrorism. The searches, which affect the provinces of Naples, Caserta, Avellino, Siena, Rome, Turin, Ragusa, Lecce and Ferrara, are carried out by the respective Digos offices and with the collaboration of the Postal Police service and Communications.

On 7 June the Carabinieri del Ros, in collaboration with the colleagues of the Provincial Commands of Cagliari, Cosenza, Frosinone, Latina, L’Aquila, Milan, Rome and Sassari, carried out a personal precautionary measure of the obligation of presentation to the judicial police against dthe 12 under investigation for the crimes of association aimed at propaganda and to incitement on grounds of ethnic and religious discrimination. The investigations, launched in November 2019, are part of a broader strategy to combat extremist phenomena with a supremacist vocation and have highlighted the existence and operation of a group called “Arius Roman Order”, made up of militants aged between 26 and 62 years.

The ultra-right group appeared “Permanently dedicated to publishing on social networks of writings, videos and images with a racist and discriminatory content, of National Socialist, anti-Semitic and negationist inspiration, as well as pertaining to conspiracy theories against the Jewish people “. and the guidelines will be based on the relevant jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights and will pay particular attention to the online environment “. In the group there was also Francesca Rizzi, the woman who would win the contest for ‘Miss Hitler’ s in 2019ul the Russian social network ‘VK’, among the 12 investigated as part of the operation conducted by the Carabinieri del Ros coordinated by the Rome Public Prosecutor’s Office. The charges against the members of the ‘Ario Romano’ group were of criminal association aimed at propaganda and incitement for reasons of ethnic and religious discrimination. The militants resided in various Italian regions: 6 in Lazio, of which 4 between Rome and the province, one in Latina and one in Frosinone, three in Sardinia, one in Calabria, one in Abruzzo and one in Lombardy.

Less than two years ago it had been identified in Milan a neonazis cellin which the singular role of a woman had also emerged. In the variegated world of extremists who were trying to organize – according to the accusations – a neo-Nazi group, there was in fact also a 26-year-old who would have participated and won the title of ‘Miss Hitler’. The detail emerged during the searches carried out by Digos in the Milanese area against three right-wing extremists (including the young woman), investigated by Caltanissetta district anti-mafia prosecutor, for constitution and participation in subversive association and instigation to commit a crime.

The three people under investigation were two women, 26-year-old RF, residing in Pozzo d’Adda, and 46-year-old BGC, residing in Milan, and a 41-year-old man, GF, residing in Lacchiarella. According to what was ascertained by the Milanese investigators, delegated by the Sicilian Public Prosecutor, RF, the previous summer would have took part as a speaker at a conference of right-wing extremists in Lisbon (on 10 August) and would have participated in an online competition, on the social network ‘VK’, winning the title of ‘Miss Hitler 2019 ‘. ‘Miss Hitler 2019’. The woman – with little money, a child to raise and very few friends – spent her time commenting with spite on the news and politics, on social media, and making statements against Jews and immigrants.

Following the searches, two knives, three cell phones, two computers and a tablet, various material from the far-right political area, a bust of Benito Mussolini, books on anti-Semitism and fascism were also confiscated.

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