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Nespoli, double exploit in the home gym And for Voghera there is also the team gold

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Double exploit for the archer from Voghera Mauro Nespoli, who in the home gym, at Don Orione, wins the senior Olympic arch and finishes sixth in the senior compound in the 18-meter indoor interregional competition organized by the Voghera archers. The Vogherese team, with the third place of Matteo Paoletta, the fifth of Paolo Ralli and the tenth of the junior Carlo Amici, also won the team competition. For the Archers Minerva Pavia sixth place for Andrea Frattini and ninth for Paolo Consiglioeri. Claudia Cremona, Minerva Archers, wins in the women’s senior Olympic. In the men’s Olympic masters hat-trick of the Archers Minerva Pavia: first Luigi Moretta, second Andrea Barp and third Giuseppe Fico, with consequent victory in the team classification. In the Olympic female master second place of Lucia Broglia, Arcieri Minerva. Double for the Voghera Archers in the very young Olympic bow category: Pietro Ghibaudi wins in front of Matteo Franzolin. In the men’s senior compound the Voghera Archers win the team competition and place Cesare Muselli on the second step of the podium and the Paralympic archer Cesare Muselli on the third, while the sixth individual Olympic silver medalist Nespoli. For the Archers Minerva seventh Luca Laiso and eighth Michelangelo Iovine. In the women’s senior compound third place for Giulia Pesci, Paralympic blue of the Ardivestra Archers. In the male compound master top ten for Marco Aradori, Cus Pavia, who closes eighth.

«We are satisfied – explains the president of the Voghera Archers, Lia Scupelli – many good results also from our athletes. It is the last competition that we are organizing this year at the Don Orione gymnasium, the next event scheduled in two weeks will be set up at the PalaOltrepo ». –

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