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«Never changed teams in the middle of the year, anything happens in the NBA» – breaking latest news

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«Never changed teams in the middle of the year, anything happens in the NBA» – breaking latest news

by Valeria Rubino

Simone Fontecchio, pillar of Italbasket and protagonist in the NBA, changed teams during the last trade, moving from the Utah Jazz to the Detroit Pistons: «You know that this is how it works here, but you don’t understand until you try it»

What is an aspect of the NBA that Simone Fontecchio didn’t know and which he had to familiarize himself with while living in the world of American basketball? «Definitely the trade one», is the opinion of the Italbasket winger: «It has never happened to me to change teams like this in the middle of the year». Despite having been described only a month ago by the Utah Jazz coach as the symbol of the character of the Salt Lake City team, shortly before the trade deadline Simone Fontecchio found himself catapulted into another team (i.e. Detroit), into another conference, in another city. This is perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of the life of a professional athlete, particularly in America: you create bonds with your teammates, you work together towards a goal and then, due to market dynamics, you change teams halfway through the championship.

Former teammates become new rivals and you have to start over with a new group and a new coach: «It’s a world that works like this: anything can happen at any moment and you take it into account. However, until it happens to you, you don’t realize how many people are involved, from your family to your children”, commented the Italian. For Fontecchio, a sudden, unexpected change, also for his family, who loved living in Utah so much: «It certainly wasn’t an easy period, but I’m happy with where I am now, with the team I’m playing with and with everything space and the responsibilities I have.”

The blue is facing the new Detroit challenge with determination and excellent performances, without losing his ever-present smile. For a few hours, Simone had become a teammate of the other Italian NBA player, Danilo Gallinari, who had welcomed him only to then sign a contract with the Milwaukee Bucks, his eighth franchise in America after the Knicks, Nuggets, Clippers, Thunder, Hawks, Wizards and Pistons. While Giannis Antetokounmpo’s Bucks could be among the contenders to secure a place in the Finals, there are no playoff ambitions for Fontecchio’s Pistons, who currently have the worst record in the league. «There is a lot of work to be done, but also a lot of room for improvement», Fontecchio’s observation.

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His wife and daughter, meanwhile, are still in Utah, but they won’t be long in joining him. In his first games with the Pistons, Simone continued to demonstrate that he not only has great talent, but also the personality, strength and character necessary to succeed in the most competitive basketball league in the world. And coach Pozzecco is waiting for him in the national team.

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