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New Baojun E300 2023, the innovative city car at 8900 euros made by 4 global car giants (and not only)

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New Baojun E300 2023, the innovative city car at 8900 euros made by 4 global car giants (and not only)

Baojun E-300 is an electric vehicle that was born as a result of a collaboration between Saic, General Motors, Wuling and the tech giant Xiaomi, following the design model also shared by the Mini EV. This small city car, available in a two- or three-seater configuration (up to four seats in the Plus variant), is less than three meters long and features a Smart-inspired cubic body shape. The electric motor that powers the city car has a power of around 40 HP, while the 39 kilowatt-hour battery offers a range of over 250 kilometres. Let’s dive into everything:

  • Because Baojun E300 2023 is an innovative city car

  • Baojun E300 2023: many reasons to surprise

Because Baojun E300 2023 is an innovative city car

The small electric cars such as Baojun E300 2023, which are ideal for use in the city, are gaining more and more popularity. And it is precisely from China that interesting solutions arrive in this sector, ahead of what we will see in the future also in other parts of the world. An example of this is the new Baojun E300.

The Chinese manufacturer is the result of a complex integration that involves General Motors, Saic e Wuling. The latter two formed a joint venture with the participation of the American company GM, which gave birth to the Baojun brand dedicated to electric micro-mobility. The Chinese consumer electronics giant Xiaomi is also added to this group, which has taken care of the on-board multimedia system called AloT.

The peculiarity of the AloT infotainment system, developed by Xiaomi for the Baojun E300, is its interoperability with the IoT (Internet of Things), which allows you to remotely control your home (if connected to the network) and perform actions such as turning on the lights or heating, lowering the shutters and activating the surveillance cameras. All of this is possible both via smartphone and directly from the car’s multimedia system.

Baojun E300 2023: many reasons to surprise

Baojun E300 presenta futuristic and square shapes, with short overhangs to maximize interior space in relation to the compact dimensions. Indeed, this Chinese city car measures 262 cm in length, 164 cm in width and 159 cm in height, with a wheelbase of 175 cm. These dimensions are sufficient to accommodate two people, but can become four (or 2+2 as indicated by the manufacturer) in the Plus variant, which is slightly longer (298 cm) with a wheelbase of 200 cm.

Baojun E300 is equipped with a 39 HP electric motor powered by a 16.8 kWh battery, which should guarantee a range of 260 km. In the Plus version, the battery capacity is 31 kWh, allowing a range of up to 305 km.

Il infotainment system of the Baojun E300, compatible with smartphones, allows access to multimedia content and navigation. Some functions, such as adjusting the climate control, can be controlled remotely via the Xiaomi app. Similarly, appliances connected to the platform can be controlled from inside the car.

The prices of Baojun E300 they range from around 8,294 euros for the base model to over 10,000 euros for the Plus version.

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