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New Covid decree: what changes and since when. The 7 things to know – breaking latest news

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Rome, 24 December 2021 – Expected and announced, the new Covid decree with a squeeze for the Christmas and New Year holidays (and not only). Lots of news: discos closed until January 31st, mask even outdoors. The new rules make the Ffp2 mask mandatory in some enclosed places, including public transport and stadiums. Cinemas, gyms, bars and restaurants reserved for those who have had the vaccine. There duration of the Green pass drops from 9 to 6 months. The measure, fired in the CDM yesterday December 23, will come into effect the day after publication in Official Gazette, so probably from tomorrow. And while Europe and Italy run for cover, Israel postpones the fourth dose for those over 60 who, according to some sources, should have started on Sunday. According to the latest studies the Omicron variant would be lighter, the additional booster is not currently considered necessary.


As already mentioned, the duration of the Green pass decreases. As of February 1st, the validity is reduced from nine to six months. The Ministry of Health with an ordinance has ordered that the minimum period for the administration of the third dose is reduced from five to four months.

The obligation to wear masks outdoors in the white area is back. Furthermore, it will be mandatory to take the Ffp2 to cinemas, theaters, sporting events (stadiums and pasports) and means of transport (including metro and buses).

Until the end of the state of emergency, scheduled for 31 March, only the vaccinated and cured will be able to have coffee or eat at the counter: the decree in fact provides for the obligation of the Super Green pass (which can only have vaccinated and cured) also for “counter catering” services.

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Health minisiter Roberto Speranza announced the advance of the third dose from 5 to 4 months. The start date of this new administration method will be indicated in days by Commissioner Figliuolo, after consulting the Regions.

Homes for the elderly have paid a high price for the pandemic. Access to the RSA will be allowed only to those who have completed the vaccination cycle even with the booster. In the case of people who have not completed the vaccination course, it will be essential to also have a negative swab.

No extension of the school Christmas holidays and no automatic dad. To allow the tracing of outbreaks in the field with men and laborers, the Defense. Funded additional funding of 9 million euros.

Having ruled out access to buffered only, the government has decided that events, parties and concerts involving outdoor gatherings will be banned until January 31, 2022. The dance halls, discos and similar venues where events, concerts or parties are held will then be closed until the end of January.

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