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New protocol and Udinese doubts “There weren’t any goalkeepers, what’s going on?”

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The League “blesses” the new rules, but the director Marino worries the fans in view of the match against Juve through social media


On the day of the “blessing” of the new protocol by the Serie A League, which met in video assembly, from the Udinese home no reassuring official dispatch on the number of positive players, only a doubt that worries a lot in view of tomorrow night’s match at the Allianz Stadium in Turin, against Juventus. He was fed by the director Pierpaolo Marino: “If there are no goalkeepers in the negatives of the squad, what happens?”. This is the text of a post entrusted to Twitter, a social network that the director of the technical area uses sparingly, a detail that clarifies the level of importance that the topic has for Udinese.

It must be emphasized, in fact, that there was no lack of absences in the department on the occasion of the controversial match against Atalanta, the one released by the TAR after three days of stopping training imposed by the ASL and despite the 12 positives on the eve. Among the absent is the owner Marco Silvestri, but also the third goalkeeper Antonio Santurro who usually alternates on the bench with Matteo Carnelos, born in 2003 but who is part of the Primavera but, obviously he was also out of the game last Sunday, since he is Another 18-year-old, Edoardo Piana, was added to the list, while the second Daniele Padelli went to the field.

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It goes without saying that, after Marino’s utterances, we must hope that – pending the desirable “healings” of colleagues, in particular the owner Silvestri – Padelli will be preserved from the infection. At the level of the debate, however, it must be emphasized that there was no lack of answers under the Juventus manager’s post. And to those who asked him about the proposal to be included in the new protocol, Marino replied in a dry way: “At least one goalkeeper to be sent on the field that is not a Primavera”.

Beyond the projections on the formation in view of Juventus, therefore, Udinese is continuing what is a battle in the definition of the staff from which to draw, a not insignificant detail, also in light of the new protocol that requires the “stamp “Of the CTS from the point of view of medical opinion, but which must also define what the subset of the” athletes group “means within the larger” team group “, which also includes the staff since the end of the first lockdown, that of 2020. In a nutshell, Udinese is to exclude the Primavera who are constantly not part of the first team, in addition to long-term injuries (Pereyra in the case of the bianconeri).

The Serie A League will necessarily have to intervene on this, which in its first protocol did not distinguish between “category” 13 registered players including at least one goalkeeper to be caught among those born from 2003 onwards. Yesterday, after the assembly, the comment of the president Paolo Dal Pino was not technical: “The direction taken is the right one, we expect that the CTS will also embrace our vision to standardize the decisions of the territorial ASL and arrive as soon as possible possible to a clear application framework “. –

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