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Neymar Messi truce and Mbappe bravely reversal in Paris, Angers leads Ligue 1

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Neymar Messi truce and Mbappé bravely reversal of Angers in Paris to lead Ligue 1Fly into the homes of ordinary people

Mbappé is in excellent condition, Xinhua News Agency photo

An unexpected loss in the last round, the lack of Messi and Neymar in this round, Ligue 1 hegemon Paris Saint-Germain is about to suffer a losing streak, at a critical moment, Mbappé, who has recently fallen into transfer rumors, stepped forward. In the 10th round of Ligue 1 this morning, the French forward passed a shot to help Paris lose a goal first, defeated Angers 2-1 and continued to lead the standings with 27 points. Seeing that Mbappé’s state becomes more and more brave, will the management of Grand Paris still let him transfer?

In the UEFA Europa League final in the early hours of this Monday, the French team won the championship trophy with Mbappe’s goal. After that game, Paris coach Pochettino publicly stated that he hoped that Mbappe could reconsider his future, stay in the club and win more honors. Although news about the French striker’s imminent transfer to Real Madrid has already been circulated, judging from the current situation, the emotional card played by Boss still has a certain effect.

Facing Angers this round, Paris still hasn’t gotten rid of the problem of slow heat. With both Neymar and Messi truce, the team’s ability to attack has been weakened, and the defensive end is not reassuring. In the 36th minute, Angers in the away game was scored by Fulzini using a counterattack. The team continued to attack but the particles were not harvested, which caused tens of thousands of fans at the Parc des Princes to be worried. At the end of halftime, there were even some dissatisfied boos in the stadium. Fortunately, in the second half, Mbappe found his form in time. He first sent a high-quality cross on the right to help Pereira score with a header. In the 88th minute, the French forward made a penalty kick created by Icardi to help the home team get through the danger and avoid the embarrassment of losing streak.

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“This is not an easy game. It is very important to return to victory after losing to Rennes.” After winning, Paris coach Pochettino praised Mbappe at the press conference. “He is today He was very active, especially on the wing. This gave us a lot of opportunities. I am very satisfied with his performance. The overall performance of the team today is not bad, and it controls the scene. “For the future of the disciple, Pochetti Nuo also has more self-confidence. He said that he believes that Mbappé will change his willingness (want to go to Real Madrid) and fight side by side with the Grand Paris team. (Xinmin Evening News reporter Lu Weixin)

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