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NFL Draft 2023: Things could get wild around the quarterbacks

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NFL Draft 2023: Things could get wild around the quarterbacks

Status: 04/26/2023 5:31 p.m

At least four quarterback talents will probably be selected by the respective teams in the night from Thursday (April 27, 2023, from 2 a.m.) to Friday in the first round of the NFL draft. Which team takes which quarterback is still almost completely open – that could cause chaos and many short-term changes in the order.

Bryce Young, CJ Stroud, Anthony Richardson and Will Levis – these are the four names most likely to appear in this all-important first round “of Board going,” as they say in football parlance. Four young ones Quarterbackswho are among the first 31 (the Miami Dolphins had to relinquish their first-round pick as part of a penalty) will be chosen college talents to shape the future of their new team.

Quarterback – key position with “severe” consequences

A great burden – and a momentous decision for the teams. First-round picks are especially valuable in the draft, which spans seven rounds over three days. Players who are selected there should have the greatest possible influence on the fortunes of their new players as quickly as possible Franchise have. Have the greatest impact on the game Quarterbacks – that’s why top talents are particularly sought after in this position.

An example of how important such a decision can be: In the 2017 draft, they chose Chicago Bears in second position Quarterback Mitchell Trubisky out. In tenth position went a certain Patrick Mahomes to the Kansas City Chiefs. The result: The Bears haven’t won a playoff game since then, were even the worst team in the league last season and Trubisky has been playing, less successfully, with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Die Chiefs have since won the championship twice and are the most successful team in the NFL in recent years, Mahomes has already been named the best player in the league twice.

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The Panthers jump to position one – Bryce Young hot candidate

After the 2022 draft vintage, only a few really good ones Quarterback-talents ready (only Kenny Pickett was killed in the first round by the Pittsburgh Steelers drafted), quite a few teams are now in need of this all-important position. the the Carolina Panthers was even so big that they had quite a few Draft-Picks and top pass receiver DJ Moore to the Chicago Bears shipped to be able to choose the first team instead of the ninth. There are currently indications that the Panthers will choose Bryce Young. The Bears Instead, they apparently continue to rely on Justin Fields, whom they in turn only dated two years ago College have committed.

Young was best in 2021 College-Players, therefore, won the so-called Heisman-Trophy and played for the prestigious Alabama University, but is also viewed critically by one or the other team. The reason: Young, at almost 90 kilograms and almost 1.80 meters tall, is historically light and quite small for this position. Patrick Mahomes, for example, is 1.91 meters tall and weighs around 104 kg.

Bryce Young (2nd from left) with Will Anderson Jr. (from left), Jordan Battle and head coach Nick Saban

What are the Houston Texans doing?

In second place they can Houston Texans choose. They really need one too Quarterback, but have only just started their upheaval in the squad and have just equipped a new coach with a six-year contract. The Texans so plan for the long term. The usually well-informed NFL insiders are now rumored that the Texansshould Young no longer be available, maybe sign a defensive player because the other quarterbacks are not good enough for them.

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Next year, Caleb Williams, a player who is considered an exceptional talent, will be drafted. Maybe they are speculating Texans, who each have two first-round picks in both this and the next draft, are also hoping to get Williams. Perhaps these rumors are also smoke screens that are often ignited around the draft in order to confuse the competition.

Who trades the Arizona Cardinals and jumps to third place?

In third place are anyway Arizona Cardinals in the row, whose squad actually needs reinforcements in every position, except for Quarterback. Because there they have just equipped Kyler Murray with a large and expensive contract. It is quite possible, or even very likely, that a team lower in the draft will successfully try to “buy” the pick position from the Cardinals in exchange for additional draft picks of their own, and then take one of the Quarterbacks to get.

Extremely athletic: Quarterback Anthony Richardson

Candidates for this could Las Vegas Raiders be. They have just signed Jimmy Garoppolo, but it is probably more of a “temporary solution” that can give the team time to develop a youngster behind them in peace. But also the Tennessee Titans or the Tampa Bay Buccaneers could be candidates for such a move. Maybe they jump too Indianapolis Coltswho will almost certainly want to pick a quarterback from fourth place to third place, just to be sure they can get their pick, especially when the Texans in second place one Quarterback take.

Many variables, many “maybes”, many short-term decisions

Lots of “maybes”, lots of movement, lots of variables that can shake up the entire draft order in a short amount of time. Maybe all four first positions have quarterbacks going off the board and the Seattle Seahawks in fifth place (they are also listed as potential candidates for a Quarterback traded behind Geno Smith) can choose their preferred candidate from all other players.

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The expected “run” on the Quarterbacks Incidentally, could even ensure that the actually not so highly traded Hendon Hooker, who is currently recovering from a cruciate ligament rupture, is drafted late in the first round by a team that could not get hold of any of the top four candidates.

In the ten minutes that the teams have in the first round to submit their pick, things are likely to get pretty hectic on Friday morning German time when the general managers then have to bag a deal over the phone at very short notice .

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