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Nicola Giusti: “Even here in the Feltre area the merger operation is being understood”

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Feltre Francesco De Carli during Dolomiti Bellunesi-Trento

After the test against Trento, the vice president focuses on the good presence of the public in the former Union Feltre stadium. Mister Renato Lauria satisfied: “Raising the level, we saw that there is a lot of work to be done”

A trip with a higher category team, more experienced and more advanced in preparation.

Despite everything, for the Belluno Dolomites the indications that can be drawn are “very many”, as the coach says Renato Lauria. «By raising the level of commitment», explains the technician from Belluno, «the elements we need to work on emerge. I am happy with the performance in general at this stage of preparation. Taking a goal is always disappointing, but beyond that I have seen good things, so I’m satisfied ».

It was an opportunity to test what was put in place in two weeks of training.

“We are trying out different schemes. Behind I saw an orderly and solid team; in front we struggled a bit more, we insisted on too narrow spaces. But working you can only improve. In the second half we had more courage and tried more plays, while in the first we were more blocked. On the other hand it was the second exit, the first probative ».

To the vice president of the Feltrina component Nicola Giusti the good performance of the young ex Union Francesco De Carli is noted, on the pitch for the full 90 ‘. The manager, however, draws attention to the present.

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«Now it is no longer necessary to think about where the boys come from, the team is one and only, they are all boys from the Belluno Dolomites. We certainly know that our young people are good, both the locals and the ones we have brought and will bring ».

Another argument is the good response from the public: about 150 spectators in the stands of the Zugni Tauro. Here too Giusti looks ahead.

«I think by now we are understanding the operation we are conducting. Parochialism are concerns that belong to the past; now we need to think about the present and future of the Belluno Dolomites ».

Finally, two words about the match and a result that was quite obvious given the difference in category between the two teams.

«We made a good impression against a Serie C team. The performance was positive. It is obvious that we need to improve a lot, but the friendlies are used to make mistakes, hopefully as little as possible, in all serenity ».


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