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Night Shanghai · Yuedong

Night Shanghai·Yuedong|The parking lot becomes a racing track, let’s “fight” a go-kartFly into the homes of ordinary people

Xinmin Evening News “Shanghai Moment”

Shen Zhimei

Karting is the dream cradle of many racing drivers. Almost all F1 drivers started from participating in karting events when they were teenagers, and advanced to the highest level of events with strength and opportunities.

Aerial photography of the kart yard by Xinmin Evening News reporter Li Mingshen

Shanghai Shengdao Kuye International Karting Park, located in Yanghang, Baoshan, is a kart yard transformed from an abandoned site. Although the location is not dominant, it has accumulated a good reputation because of its good facilities and services. Now this site has It jumped to the top of the Shanghai Leisure Sports Hot List, attracting many citizens to check in.

Abandoned site reconstruction

With a simple track and professional karting facilities, walking into a karting park is like walking into a new world of racing. In fact, in 2018, it was still an “enclave” belonging to the surrounding cottages. It was usually used to store some sundries, and sometimes it was also used to park large trucks. “It turns out that there are many illegal constructions in this place, and the other is the parking lot of Jika. After we took the land, we demolished about 4,500 square meters of illegal construction, and then rebuilt the entire site. In July 2018, Kuye was built. At that time, the main business of the Auto Culture Park was test rides, motorcycle safety training, etc.” introduced Yu Ting from Shanghai Shengdao Kuye Culture.

Both Yu Ting and the company’s general manager Tao Chongwen participated in the 2008 Beijing Olympics torch relay, and both of them are loyal fans of motor sports. In 2020, sensing the market downturn, Tao Chongwen and Yu Ting discussed business transformation and finally decided to build a kart park. “Whether it’s a car race or a kart park, we always have a firm goal to let more people get in touch with motorsports and make motorsports affordable for more people.”

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“Karting is really good, it can stimulate children’s courage, cultivate their coordination and observation of hands and feet.” Zhu Jiaqin is one of the first batch of certified racing coaches in China. When Shanghai started to hold F1 in 2004, he served as the chief referee of the Chinese side. Now he is also invited to be the coach of Shanghai Shengdao Kuye International Karting Park. “On the track, you can not only experience the feeling of speed and passion, but also release all the suppressed things in the child’s heart, which is beneficial to physical and mental health.” .

Safety comes first

“It can be seen from the whole track map that we use water horses, tires and anti-collision walls to protect the hardware equipment on the track. From the software, the coach will do training before the players go on the field, and will give you safety gear. When the clothes are in place, the track safety officer will also pay attention to the driving situation on the field at any time.” Nie Yulong, the head of the operation of the kart park, introduced.

In terms of racing, this kart park is the only one in Shanghai that uses CRG390 large-displacement karts. This pure imported kart from Italy has a very stable chassis, and its anti-collision performance and power are top-notch. “Many F1 drivers have used this car since childhood, and it is known as the safest karting in the world.”

“No parent is willing to drag their children to play in an unsafe venue.” In Nie Yulong’s view, whether from an entertainment or professional perspective, safety must come first when driving a go-kart, “Now we are not trying to cultivate a speed The fastest racers want to promote the concept of safe driving on a larger scale. So here, we must first start with children, cultivate their safety awareness, and help them develop good driving habits.”

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First popularize and then improve

“For us, adult tourists are the backbone of our operations. But from the beginning, we hope that young people will experience our karting project.” In Tao Chongwen’s heart, he always has the complex of cultivating reserve talents for motor sports. He introduced that the vehicles in the karting park are currently the largest in displacement among four-stroke karts, and these more expensive vehicles are chosen to meet the needs of youth training, help them hone their skills, and hit a higher platform.

Yu Ting said that the track of Shengdao Kuye International Karting Park is now more than 600 meters long. In the future, they plan to take down the adjacent land, and then lengthen the track to more than 1,200 meters, reaching the length of the international standard karting track. “Our current track is an entertainment property, which is mainly used to popularize kart sports. When the track is lengthened, its properties will change. It not only provides entertainment but also can be used to train professional young drivers.”

From popularization to improvement, Zhu Jiaqin said that this needs to be done step by step, “We are now building a good platform to let more children get in touch with racing cars. When all the training processes are standardized and standardized, there will be more and more young drivers to participate in the training. , I believe that there will be opportunities to get in touch with higher events in the future.”

Yu Ting said that their dream is that more “Zhou Guanyu” will come out from here in the future, “After our professional training here, young drivers will also have the opportunity to advance to higher-level competitions, then we will become their place here. A starting place and a cradle of dreams, this is also a contribution to China‘s racing career.”


Want to exercise your child’s guts and courage? Send them to go karting. On the fast-paced track, overcome the discomfort of sound, overcome the fear of speed, overcome the worry of collision… After chasing opponents and catching up with yourself lap after lap, you will find that speed and passion make children Slowly turned into a little warrior who dared to conquer all difficulties.

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Is your child a “little sloppy”? Come drive a go-kart. When driving a kart, you need to put 100% of your concentration in order to deal with various challenges, so driving a kart can help children learn to concentrate. The process of driving a kart is actually a process of identification and judgment. Starting, accelerating, turning and overtaking… Every command issued is the brain’s understanding and judgment of the actual track situation, which helps to improve the child’s judgment. In addition, karting is a niche sport, which can provide children with a brand-new, unknown and colorful learning environment, and can continuously stimulate children’s curiosity and creativity. In fact, for children, playing karting brings not only happiness, speed and passion, but also a kind of training. Practicing karting is more meaningful. It can cultivate children’s spirit of not being afraid of hardships, setbacks, and fighting hard, so that they can gradually develop good psychological quality. These are more valuable gains. (Li Yuanchun)


Shanghai Shengdao Kuye International Karting Park:

In Kuye Automobile Park, No. 55, Lane 87, Taihe Branch Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai


Precautions for driving a go-kart

■Follow the instructions of the staff, make sure the helmet is fastened, and hold the steering wheel all the way.

■Long hair should be coiled up and properly tucked into the helmet. Slippers or open-toed shoes are not allowed.

■Be sure to slow down when driving into or out of the departure area.

■ Left foot brake, right foot accelerator, do not step on the brake and accelerator at the same time.

■ Karts are not bumper cars, so don’t collide with each other when driving in the venue.

Editor: Lu Weixin

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