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Nkunku: Bundesliga MVP means a lot to me, Mane joining can improve the league level – yqqlm

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Original title: Nkunku: Bundesliga MVP means a lot to me

Nkunku: Bundesliga MVP means a lot to me

Live it, July 30th. Leipzig will usher in the German Super Cup match with Bayern tomorrow. Midfielder Nkunku was interviewed not long ago and talked about a number of related topics.

– German Cup lore to beat Freiburg

This championship means a lot. This is our first big season championship win. The game was also very difficult and ended in a penalty shootout.

We ended up winning the championship, which is really exciting.

——Poor performance in the first half, but finally ranked in the top four of the Bundesliga

Despite the bad start, we were all focused on improving our performance. I think we improved a lot in our preparations to pick up in the second half.

– Won last season’s Bundesliga MVP

This is a significant award. I didn’t expect to win it at the start of the season, even though I knew if I worked hard, I would be recognized.

– stay in Leipzig

I also hope to continue to improve myself. The club has also shown that they want to keep me, which is a testament to their confidence in me.

Winning the German Cup last season was an unforgettable moment, and I wish I had more of them with Leipzig. The reason I stay is simple – I feel great here.

——Mane, Allai and other players landed in the Bundesliga

This shows that the level of the Bundesliga is very high, so it can attract players like Mane. Their arrival will also further improve the level of the Bundesliga, where I believe they can score a lot of goals.

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– Bundesliga title race?

The key is to maintain stability. We got off to a bad start last season, so we couldn’t win the league.

My first season at Leipzig got off to a good start, we were top of the list in December, but things have slumped since then.

So we need to win consistently, and only then can we beat Bayern to win the title.

——German Super Cup

I don’t think we’re back at our best yet, but the German Super Cup is a key match for our pre-season preparations.

We can compete for a trophy and Bayern must be determined to win it. I hope we can win and we will give our best at home.

Anyway, I am sure it will be a great game.

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