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No fear of censorship! NBA star again criticizes the CCP for ignoring human rights | Biden | Xi Jinping | Kanter

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[NTDNewsNovember192021Beijingtime]NBA Boston Celtics star Enes Kanter has recently spoken out for democracy, freedom and human rights through social media, supporting Uyghurs, Tibetans, and Tibetans. Hong Kong, Taiwan, and put on newly designed sneakers to expose the crime. On the eve of the meeting, he once again urged Biden vigorously: Stop playing with the bully.

Kanter once again called for attention to human rights

The Xi Jinping meeting held on the evening of the 15th Eastern Time, Biden and Xi Jinping in the virtual meeting can be said to get what they need. Biden wants to use this to enhance his reputation of falling into the bottom, while Xi Jinping is engaged in large internal propaganda and building the CCP Those who suppressed the United States, beat the gongs and drums to propagate the party’s victory again! Of course, the United States is not showing its weakness. It has declared that it will boycott the Beijing Winter Olympics in February. American officials will not attend. Moreover, US Secretary of State Brinken also announced on the 17th that the CCP, Russia, Iran, North Korea, etc., are listed as infringements. Free country.

Even so, the Biden administration of the United States may still cooperate on climate change and other aspects, and make some concessions to the CCP, such as canceling or reducing tariffs on some commodities, etc. According to the analysis by Tang Hao, a well-known media person, the visit will be held. The CCP can be said to be a “small win” for the series of measures taken by both sides, because the CCP requires the U.S. not to challenge and change the CCP’s socialism, that the U.S. must not obstruct the CCP’s development process, and that the U.S. must not infringe on the CCP’s national sovereignty, that is, not. Intervened in Xinjiang, Tibet, Hong Kong, and Taiwan issues, but the U.S. clearly agreed to one of them, that is, the U.S. promised not to seek to change China’s current system, that is, the CCP’s authoritarianism. The results were disappointing.

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It is reported that Kanter chose not to be a silent person. He has constantly criticized the CCP’s ignorance of human rights. Regarding the issues that may be discussed at the meeting, he once said, “Will Biden ask about the Uyghur genocide or attack? Tibet and Hong Kong, or do they support each other secretly?”

Before the meeting, Kanter had also issued an appeal to Biden. He said, “President Biden and the dictator will have a dialogue according to the schedule. President Biden, stop playing with the bullies, and make you to the world. What is promised, human rights are the priority.”

After the meeting, Kanter tweeted again, asking the CCP to stop the brutality of live organ harvesting, and put on special sneakers printed with the truth about live organ harvesting. There was a picture of a doctor in blue clothes on the sneakers. An organ that is bleeding. Liver, kidney, and heart are painted on the toe, and each organ has a price tag. The whole pair of sneakers is painted with splashed blood and read: “Stop live organ harvesting in China.” At the same time, it pointed out that it includes Tibetans, Uyghurs, Christians, Falun Gong and other groups are all targeted by the CCP. Kanter directly choked the Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping, hoping to arouse more attention from the international media on human rights issues!

Kanter’s firm conviction and freedom to speak for human rights many times

Kanter, 29, was born in Zurich, Switzerland. Later, his family moved back to his hometown of Turkey. His father was a professor of biological organization and genetics at the University of Thrace in Turkey, and his mother was a nurse. There are 3 younger siblings.Previously, Kanter had criticized Turkish President Alduan, which led to his father’s arrest. He was also revoked by the Turkish government. He was forbidden to meet with his family for 7 years.

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But Kanter is not afraid of power. On October 30th, the NBA held a football game in Washington. He specially took time to attend a rally on Capitol Hill before the game to express his support for Uyghurs, Hong Kong people and Tibetans in fighting for human rights and freedom, and to the Chinese Communist Party Chairman. Talk to the Communist Party. He said that as an NBA player, he witnessed the NBA’s abuse of the Chinese government without mentioning it. “I feel sad, shameful and disgusting. That’s why I won’t remain silent.”

On the 12th of this month, Kanter tweeted to support Taiwan and defend democracy. He emphasized that “we must’stand with Taiwan’ (#StandWithTaiwan), support Taiwan and defend democracy.” He also said, “The future of Taiwan must be determined by the people of Taiwan. Taiwan is not a part of China and will never be !”

On the 23rd, he publicly released a video on Twitter and Instagram. The content was to condemn the President of the Communist Party of China and the Communist Party as “relentless” dictators, and called on “Tibet belongs to the Tibetan people” and supports Tibet’s freedom and human rights. This remark also led to the suspension of the Celtic team’s game by Tencent, triggering a complete ban in China. In response, head coach Ime Udoka said, “He has his own freedom of speech.”

Kanter said frankly that he knew his actions would affect many people. If you want to come forward, you will not be bought by the CCP and silenced. As he said in his tweet, “When I hear these stories, I believe God gave me this. The platform is here to speak for the innocent people who can’t speak up.”, “I don’t care about your endorsement agreement, your money, the various commercial transactions you are doing, if you violate human rights, I have to say something.”

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