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Norway, attack with bow and arrows: victims and wounded – Foreign

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Rome, 13 October 2021 – Terrore in Norway: a man armed with bow and arrows he has killed several people and injured others a Kongsberg, a town of 28 thousand people about eighty kilometers from Oslo. The budget, communicated by the police, is at least five dead e two injured, including an officer who wore civilian clothes. The police, who have intervened in force, have arrested a person, claiming that it is the perpetrator of the attack and that he acted alone. At the moment thehypothesis of the terrorist attack, even if according to the investigators it is still too early to say so.

In this context, the internal intelligence services have in the meantime been alerted, as some sources refer. According to broadcaster TV2, the attacker also had other weapons, including a knife. “We can unfortunately confirm that there are several injured and unfortunately many dead too,” said the local police officer, Oyvind Aas, without adding further details and reiterating that “the man who committed this act was arrested by the police and, according to our information, there is only one person involved“.

” The situation is under control ” and ” the police are investigating whether or not it is a terrorist act ”, assured the Norwegian premier outgoing Erna Solberg at a press conference. “The police are investigating why this happened and are making all necessary resources available,” Solberg said, explaining that “incoming Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store has been informed of the incident”. “Now it is very important that the police do their job”, she added, saying to herself “shocked by the incident”, by the “gruesome news that comes” and to “understand that many people are afraid” .

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It was 30 minutes of terror. At around 18.13 the man started shoot the arrows from within a supermarket of the Coop Extra chain. Only at 18.47, after one confrontation with the police and an attempt at leak, the assailant was caught.

The agents suffered isolated large areas of the city, ordering everyone to stay inside the houses. Meanwhile, the injured were taken to nearby hospitals and dozens of emergency vehicles such as ambulances, police cars and even two helicopters arrived on the scene. The police said that “there are several crime scenes”: according to some information, in addition to the supermarket near a residential area, also a student dormitory.

The arrested man was then taken to the nearby town of Drammen, according to broadcaster TV2, and found on him. a knife and other weapons.
According to Nrk, on the other hand, who cites information collected on social networks, the attacker would have anticipated for several days theintention to carry out a massacre with a post on his YouTube channel, also giving a demonstration of his bow and arrow skills. According to the same sources his name would be Rainer Winklarson, but the news has not yet been confirmed.

The attack comes ten years after the worst massacre in Norway: on 22 July 2011, Anders Breivik killed 77 people. The author, a neo-Nazi who claimed to be acting in the name of the fight against multiculturalism and the “Muslim invasion”, first detonated a van bomb outside the government building, killing eight people; and then went to the island of Utoya, where a congress of the youth section of the Labor Party was taking place, began shooting wildly, killing 69 teenagers.

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In August 2019, Philip Manshaus also shot at a mosque near Oslo, before being overwhelmed by the faithful who prevented him from causing serious consequences. He had previously shot his adoptive Asian-born half-sister for racial reasons.

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