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Not afraid of challenges and blooming brilliantly – “her power” at the Winter Paralympics – Xinhua English.news.cn

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Not afraid of challenges and blooming brilliantly – “her power” at the Winter Paralympics – Xinhua English.news.cn

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 7th. Whether it is the “half the sky” galloping on the field, or the indispensable “she” in the competition team; whether it is a female reporter busy interviewing in the mixed mining area, or volunteers and staff in the field of event security. … At the Beijing Winter Paralympic Games, facing the dual pressures of the event itself and the epidemic prevention and control, “her power” is not afraid of challenges, surpasses itself, and works hard, jointly writing the wonderful Winter Paralympic Games.

On March 5, China‘s Liu Sitong won the third runner-up in the women’s downhill (seated) competition in Paralympic Alpine Skiing at the Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympics.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Jiang Han

“When you stand at the starting point, you first surpass yourself and then your opponent,” said Liu Sitong, a 27-year-old member of the Chinese Paralympic Alpine Ski Team. Participating in the Winter Paralympics for the second time, Liu Sitong has matured a lot from mentality to technology. In the Paralympic alpine skiing women’s downhill (seated) and women’s all-around (seated) competitions, she won two bronze medals.

“Fate has given me a difficult test, but it has also given me a good enough reward. I will not feel inferior and timid because of my disability, and dare not pursue my dreams. Through alpine skiing, I have accepted in the process of constantly challenging myself. The imperfection of one’s own body adds meaning and value to one’s life because of the glory of the country.” Liu Sitong said.

In previous years, on the International Women’s Day on March 8, Liu Sitong, like many girls, would go shopping online, taking advantage of discounts to buy some beautiful clothes and cosmetics that she likes. But this time, for the Winter Paralympics, she turned her phone to silent and concentrated on the competition.

“Tomorrow is a precious rest day, I will calm down and adjust my state, and I will not leave any regrets for myself.” Liu Sitong said, “I also hope that all girls can be the best version of themselves, don’t give up easily when encountering difficulties, and be able to enjoy every moment. A day’s life, whether it is ups and downs.”

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Data provided by the International Paralympic Committee shows that compared with the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Paralympic Games, the number of female athletes participating in the Beijing Winter Paralympic Games has increased. Parsons, president of the International Paralympic Committee, said: “As Women’s Day approaches, I am delighted to see a record number of female athletes with disabilities.”

Chinese team player Yan Zhuo competes during the round-robin round-robin round of wheelchair curling at the 2022 Winter Paralympics in Beijing, March 6, 2020.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Ren Chao

Coming out of “Ice Cube”, Yan Zhuo with a smile is modest and calm. Yan Zhuo is the only female player among the five members of the Chinese wheelchair curling team. Born in 1992, she was diagnosed with a disease at birth and was unable to walk for the rest of her life.

Due to the late exposure to the project, in order to increase the training time, Yan Zhuo often controls the amount of water he drinks to reduce the frequency of going to the toilet. The temperature of the curling venue is low, and Yan Zhuo’s lower limbs have poor blood flow and no feeling. But she said: “I’m enjoying wheelchair curling more and more now and I want to do the best I can.”

China‘s first Winter Paralympic medal was the gold medal won in the wheelchair curling competition at the PyeongChang Winter Paralympic Games. In the past four years, the Chinese wheelchair curling team has won the World Championships twice, and this Winter Olympics has a clear goal: to win the gold medal. This is also the wish of Yan Zhuo and female coach Yue Qingqing.

The coach of the Chinese team, Yue Qingqing, said: “Compared to the male coach, I think the female coach’s ideas may be relatively more delicate. Including the choice of each ball, and also better at observing the state of the players, including their eyes and so on. Get more, help them think more.”

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On March 7, Chinese team coach Yue Qingqing (second from right) was arranging tactics.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Cai Yang

Yu Jing, a 38-year-old Chinese girl, is the only female player among the seven teams participating in the Paralympic ice hockey mixed team competition. In the first two rounds, the Chinese team defeated Slovakia and the Czech team successively. Although Yu Jing did not get a chance to play, she cheered her teammates on the sidelines by tapping the club.

In Paralympic ice hockey, players rely on the club to slide, stop, turn, and hit the ice hockey, which requires frequent use of wrist strength. After a long time, Yu Jing’s right wrist bulged a large lump, which was a ganglion cyst formed by the exudation of synovial fluid. “When the cyst is enlarged, it will bulge so high that the wrist can’t move, so I can only press it to break it, then rest for a few days and wait for the joint fluid to be absorbed before resuming training.”

Yu Jing said: “I hope that through my experience of participating in the Winter Paralympics, more women with disabilities will pay attention to and participate in this sport, so that they can enjoy happiness and change their lives through sports.”

On March 5, in the mixed interview area of ​​the National Gymnasium, a figure on crutches was particularly noticeable. One side of her arm is an empty sleeve, and one leg is a prosthetic. “This is my first time reporting on the Winter Paralympics. On this grand competitive stage, I am very moved to see disabled athletes from all over the world challenging their limits and striving for great results.” Cammy, a female journalist from Canada Ye said.

“My parents have always motivated me to live like a able-bodied person. Even when I was learning to walk, I often fell, and they encouraged me to stand up by myself,” Camille said.

Before becoming a journalist, Camille was a fencer, which made her reporting more empathetic. “I know that these disabled athletes will face some difficulties and problems in life, but I also understand that physical disabilities cannot defeat them, and sports infuse them with confidence and courage in life.”

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“The staff and volunteers here are very enthusiastic, and they will take the initiative to help me when they see that I am incapacitated. I will spend this ’38th Festival’ in the event report.” Camille said.

On February 28, volunteers at Zhangjiakou Awards Plaza practiced the operation of barrier-free facilities.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Mou Yu

Formulating venue operation policies and systems, inspecting various streamlines, and solving problems for athletes… Xie Wenwen, manager of the venue operation center of the National Stadium, has become one of the busiest people in the venue since she entered the closed loop on January 24. “As a ‘Double Olympics’ person, I have a glorious mission on my shoulders. This year’s ‘March 8th Festival’, our resident prepared flowers and other gifts for our female compatriots, and also held a ‘serving the most beautiful goddess of the Winter Olympics’ celebration for us in advance. We feel very warm.”

Li Zixian, a senior from the Department of Vocal Music and Opera of the Central Conservatory of Music, is a volunteer. Her service post is in the public area outside the “Bird’s Nest”.

“’38 Festival’ I will continue to stick to my post.” Li Zixian said, “I have never experienced the enthusiastic feedback from the audience. Some audience members will say, ‘Can I take a picture with you?” You guys are really cute’ or ‘Thank you for your hard work’. I’ll feel the day’s work is worth it. Looking forward to the blessings from the audience tomorrow!”

Writer: Luo Xin

Participating reporters: Ma Kai, Zhang Xiao, Gao Meng, Wang Junbao, Li Dian, Tan Chang, Zhao Jiantong

Editor: Ding Wenxian, Wu Bowen, Zhou Xin, Liu Xi (internship)

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