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Not Itlie z koe outsider. And you two duels in Munich. What do you ask for the Euro lottery ticket?

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Not Itlie z koe outsider.  And you two duels in Munich.  What do you ask for the Euro lottery ticket?

The national team found itself without a coach on the official first day on Friday. On November 30, Jaroslav Ilhav’s contract expired and less than two weeks after advancing to the Euros, he announced that he did not want to continue with the club.

That is why at Saturday’s ceremony in Hamburg, which starts at 18:00, the Czech delegation is represented by the highest representative of the association in ele with the chairman Petr Fousek, according to general secretary Michal Valtr, technical editor Erich Brabec and communications officer Petr ediv.

Czech Republic is joined by the Netherlands, Scotland, Croatia, Slovenia and Slovakia in this performance group. These topics are certainly not encountered in the basic phase of the Euro.

ONLINE: Los mistrovstv Europy 2024

we will follow the ceremony in Hamburg in detail

Being placed in this group, however, does not necessarily mean that in the group he will face two very strong competitors and one outsider.

Suddenly one of the favorites who are deployed in the first koi. The kind that is comparable to an aunt. In the fourth place, the defending champions are the Italians, the Czechs, the Serbs, and I still don’t know the answer to the bar.

Astnky Zvreno divided the European Football Union (UEFA) into teams as a result of the recently completed qualification.

In the first two legs of the five groups, the best team from the other cities Austria and home Germany. It is placed in group A and in position 1. According to the latest results, it is the weakest of all seeds.

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In this koi there are teams that took second place in the qualifying groups. Those with the weakest results of the peltka in the fourth koe to tmm, they will come out of the new bar.

Rozdlen do ko

1st round: Germany, Portugal, France, England, Belgium, England

2nd round: Hungary, Denmark, Albania, Austria, Romania, Turkey.

3rd round: ESCO, Scotland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Netherlands, Croatia.

4th ko: Serbian, Ukrainian, Italian, Vtzov bare


rove A, semi-final 21. bezna: Poland – Estonia, Wales – Finland; finle 26. bezna: Wales/Finland – Poland/Estonia

row B, semi-final 21st round: Israel – Iceland, Bosnia – Ukraine; finle 26. bezna: Bosnia/Ukraine – Israel/Iceland

row C, semi-final 21. bezna: Georgia – Luxembourg, Czech Republic – Kazakhstan; finale 26. bezna: Georgia/Luxembourg – Czech Republic/Kazakhstan

From the first koe, there will be respect for the world champions from France, Portugal, Spain, Belgium and England. And they have met each other in France in recent years. They beat England in the qualifiers for the last Euro, drew with England in the League of Nations and took points from Belgium in the fight for the world championship. Otherwise, they collected porks.

From the second leg, they can also face Albania again, the winner from the qualification. According to Hungary, Turkey, Romania, Denmark and Austria.

The first draw will be drawn. The first draw will go to group B, again it will be voting positions one and two. It will soon be known on which day and in which stadium he is playing. And gradually find out with km.

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For example, the team in group C will play the first duel in Gelsenkirchen and the remaining two in Munich. It would mean a trip to the rescue for me and it would also be suitable for Czech fans.

Of the ten applicant cities, Munich, along with Leipzig and Berlin, is the closest to the border, and its stadium has the largest capacity after Berlin.

On Friday, the day before the draw, UEFA’s executive committee, including chairman Fousek, approves the rewards for progressing to the final tournament and thus rewards for the results achieved.

According to the pre-negotiations, each of the parties will receive 9.25 million euros, in total about 230 million crowns. For a win in groups, the bonus is 1.5 million euros (37 million crowns), for a tie, half.

UEFA pays 2 million euros (50 million crowns) for advancing to the quarter-finals, 3.25 million euros (81 million euros) for the quarter-finals, 5 million euros (125 million crowns) for the semi-finals, the defeated finalist receives 7 million euros (175 million crowns) and 10 million euros (250 million crowns).

If they were to make it to the quarter-finals like they did at the last Euro, they would get about 185 million crowns in addition to the basic amount.

German representative Michael Ballack (second from right), former player Tabea Kemmeov, TV commentator Wolf Fuss (left) and moderator Johannes B. Kerner pose before the Euro 2024 draw. They all work for Magenta TV, which will broadcast the campaign in Germany.

After the lottery, there will be a diplomatic meeting. They will compete for two beznov terms and two ervnov tsn before the ampion.

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The associations will be looking for a place to stay and training in Germany according to the group’s requirements. those who will have a new coach in January at the latest are at a disadvantage.

National teams for the so-called base camp can take advantage of offers from UEFA that are financially suitable. Or find something of your own.

The Euro starts on Friday, June 14 in Munich, and the final is played on July 14 in Berlin. Each of the contestants must be at the venue five days before their first race.

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