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Not only the big names, Martelossi wants an APU of gregarious: “The series against Scafati will be decided by rebound”

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The udinese manager on the eve of the play-off semifinal Confidence in Johnson and Mian, but with Gaines the campans have strengthened

UDINE. The expectation is growing for the play-off semifinal match between Apu Old Wild West and Givova Scafati. A few hours before the first two-player ball, the technical director and senior assistant coach Alberto Martelossi takes stock of the situation at Juventus.

It is an important coward, which seals a whole year of work practically non-stop, given that this Apu Old Wild West saw the light at the beginning of June 2020, after the well-known corporate reversal that led to a profound renewal both from the point of view managers and technical staff.

A year ago, these days, the new Apu was born. Today you are in the play-off semifinals. Did he expect it?

«Probably not, but here there was a milestone that is the president Pedone, who has been involved in the basketball mechanism for years and provides above average budgets to work well. Everything else was a nice surprise, the result of the overall work. I am not speaking only of the technical staff, but I also remember the entries in the board of directors ».

What qualification percentages do you attribute to Udine and Scafati?

«The teams that play better face each other, together with Turin. A fair reward, too bad that one of the two has to go out. I say 51% for APU and 49% for Scafati, because I support my colors and there is the advantage of the home factor ».

How much improved Scafati with Gaines instead of Jackson?

«I state that in my opinion they had an easy turn in the quarters and did not have to express themselves at their best. Gaines is not discussed, but the upgrade can only be evaluated against us. However, I would like to underline one aspect: he is a conditioning player who fits into a team that plays well ».

How much has Udine improved with Mian?

«I think it is an easier graft. Mian is a finalizer, not a builder. We believe it can improve week by week, with more form and more understanding. We are very satisfied with its impact ».

What is the duel that can address the series?

«I got the idea that rebounds will count a lot. It is right to underline the importance of capturing the right rebound at the right time: it can change the fate of a match. This as a technical argument. As for individuals, I think that the leaders will be able to eliminate each other and that the skill of the less advertised players will be decisive ».

Do you think that Johnson, with the baskets of the crazy comeback in Trapani, has put the bending moment behind him?

«I believe that the excitement of garaquattro can be invigorating for everyone, not just for Dominique. Either way, the answer is yes. I believe it will give us quality as always, but also the necessary continuity ».

Do you occasionally think about the fact that, as Boniciolli said, you are six wins from Serie A?

“No, I promise I’ll think about it when we are three wins from Serie A.”

Will we see the small quintet seen in the final of Garaquattro more often in Trapani or is there still a plan for emergency situations?

«We have had the luck and the skill to create a group with a thousand technical-tactical solutions. We exploit them as much as possible, everything naturally depends on the situations that arise on the parquet ». –

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