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Novara-Vicenza: peaks in attendance and little joy

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Novara-Vicenza: peaks in attendance and little joy

Today it is on stage at Piola the challenge between the first and fourth fans in terms of number of away appearances in group A of Serie C, therefore I expect a good following of red and white fans. In the end, around 230 of the people from Vicenza show up, practically divided in two: on one side the fans who I would define as calmer, who gather at the height of the VG patch and on the other the ultras, more compact and continuous behind various English-style patches. among which I recognize Caneva, South Terrace, Youth e Very faithful.

At the start of the match, the guests made themselves heard above all with dry chants and notable for the continuous waving of six flags. As far as the hosts are concerned, they are behind the striker NuareThere seem to be fewer attendances than usual, but despite this the boys from the North manage to make themselves heard to the point of dragging the team which takes the lead in the 31st minute, perhaps a bit surprisingly.

As soon as the goal was conceded, the visiting fans began a series of chants to urge their players to give more and avoid what, in their opinion, would be a bad impression, at the home of the team that currently occupies the last place in the league. classification.

The first half ends with Novara in the lead and with a rather satisfied home crowd. In the second half the guests felt very little, except for chants, at times even heavy, towards their athletes.

In the 76th minute, Ronaldo Pompeu, a former Italian player never loved by the Novara public and booed by a good part of the stadium, leaves. In the 80th minute, however, the red and white equalized, but it didn’t seem to be enough for the Vicenza ultras who once again asked the team to bring out their attributes.

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When the match seems destined to end with a goal for each side, another match begins. Five minutes of injury time were granted: in the third following a setup error by Novara, Vicenza recovered the ball and scored the opening goal. The players go to celebrate under the Curva Sud occupied by the visiting fans who finally seem to be happy.

But it doesn’t end there: just one minute passes and Novara, with an excited action, sensationally scores the equalizer, right under the North, exploding a crowd that was still despairing over the mockery suffered.

The final whistle also arrives inexorably, after which the only Novara players approach their own corner to return the support, while the guests limit themselves to a distant greeting.

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